Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scenes from Miami

Well we're back in Barcelona after a month and a half long vacation in Miami. As I mentioned in a previous post, we originally went there because my big sister got married (woo hoo!) but we ended up staying a bit longer so that the Professor could do some research with a colleague at a university there. We had a great time with our families and friends as we always do but coming back from a month long trip has definitely been difficult for everyone especially the little one. We arrived in Barcelona on Friday and it's now Tuesday and Roman is still jet lagged. He takes naps at odd hours, is frequently cranky and fussy and he won't go down in his crib without going into hysterics as though he thinks he'll never see us again. Sigh. But let's not linger on the negatives! Below are some of the positives.

Here are some scenes from Miami:

The newlyweds! Aren't they a handsome couple? You know what's funny? Everyone thinks that me and my sister look identical even though we have practically none of the same features. A friend of mine was recently at my house in Barcelona and she saw a photo of my sister and her then-fiance on their Save the Date card and she said to me, 'Um, why are you posing with your sister's fiance?`. Lol. 

One of the best parts of the wedding was this photo booth with props that was set up in the reception hall. We had tons of fun taking pictures of ourselves acting and looking ridiculous. This is a picture of the bride and groom, my best friend and myself with cat eyes (meow!) The other great thing about the reception was the music. The dj was killing it and I, who am not a known boogeyer, got down to 'I saw her standing there' and 'Livin on a prayer.´ 
While my sisters and I were tearing up the dance floor, the little one was passed out upstairs. Thank GOD the wedding and reception were at a hotel and my best friend had a room because Roman only made it until 8:30 and dinner before his eyelids started getting heavy. So the Professor spent most of the reception watching basketball and checking twitter on his phone while he babysat the little one. Since the Professor's not really one for dancing, he ended up having a pretty good time too. 
While we were in Miami, a friend told us that Thomas the Train would be visiting the Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Homestead. As the little one is a Thomas fanatic, we were very excited to go and everyone had a great time. You get to ´meet´ Thomas and go for a ride on him, you get to meet Sir Topham Hat, and they had tons more activities like arts and crafts, obstacle courses and train sets. Homestead is a bit of a trek but if you have little ones who love trains, it might be worth a visit, especially if Thomas is in town. 
Can you see the chimpanzee in the picture? He's a bit camouflaged. This picture is from a visit to Zoo Miami when the little one went with the Professor and his brother. Roman loves books about animals like Dear Zoo and Good Night Gorilla so he was so excited to see the animals from his books in person. I think for little ones it's so thrilling to see something in person that they've only seen before on TV or in books. At least for Roman it is.  :)
Roman also got a chance to feed this kind giraffe some lettuce. He squirmed with delight and maybe disgust as the giraffe's long, slobbery tongue grazed over his hands. But he liked it enough to feed the giraffe seconds. 
We got the little one his first pair of Crocs while we were in Miami and so far we're pretty satisfied. I think Crocs are the kinds of shoes that only look good on little kids and Mario Batali. This is a picture of the little one trying to wake the komodo dragons.
This is a picture of a piece from the newly opened Perez Art Museum in Miami. This museum was amazing and I highly recommend you visit it if you're in South Florida. I will write a separate post all about this place later this week. 
A picture of my dad teaching the little one how to brush his teeth. Even though Roman loves his toothbrush, (remember this post?), he obviously can't brush correctly at his age so his papa and I still need to do it for him. But we're not that consistent about it to be totally honest and we noticed a few months ago that Roman had some light brown stains on his teeth. I was worried that the stains might be a sign of tooth decay (did you know babies can get cavities?) so we took him for his first dental appointment while we were in Miami and they did a professional cleaning which was not a fun experience for anyone. Fortunately, the dentist told us that the stains were not tooth decay and could have been caused by dark colored foods or antibiotics.
Whenever we're in Miami, we're normally obligated to have meals in the homes of every single relative and friend we visit. This is not a bad thing at all when you have friends that are such great cooks. This is a picture of a Cuban dish called arroz con pollo (chicken with yellow rice) made by an extremely talented old Cuban man who is in the process of writing a cookbook. 
Another Cuban specialty, and one we greatly miss in Barcelona, are these pastelitos filled with guava, cheese, or a mix of both. They're sweet and flaky and soft and delicious. Best when accompanied by some cafe con leche. Yum!
This seems like such an innocuous picture right? But actually something bad happened on that day. The little one hurt his ankle coming down from one of these big kid slides and suffered a mild sprain. It's a bit heartbreaking to see him limping about but according to the doctor, it should heal on it's own in a week or two. Thank god babies are so resilient, huh?

So that's what we were up to in Miami. What about you guys? Gone anywhere lately?

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