Saturday, March 15, 2014

Brothers and Sisters

When I got pregnant with the little one, I always thought he would be a GAP baby because I LOVE that store and that's where I shop myself and where the Professor buys most of his clothes (I should mention that I am the one who picks out the Professor's clothes :).  But since I moved to Spain, where, sadly, there is no GAP, I buy most of the little one's clothes from Zara baby (actually called Kiddy's Class in Spain). So imagine my surprise and delight when I visited the Zara website today and saw them feature the adorable and stylish children of some bloggers I follow! I love the effortless chic of these looks and am actually a little envious of how much more stylish these children are compared to myself!
Head on over to the Zara site if you'd like to see more.

(Photos: Zara)

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