Monday, April 2, 2012

Fancy cooking in a teeny kitchen

Hello all! I wasn´t going to check in until later this week when I had some apartment pictures to show you guys, but I saw this adorable video on theKitchn and had to repost it.  The video, a clip from an upcoming TV series, The Little Paris Kitchen on the BBC, shows British chef and Paris resident, Rachel Khoo, cooking a typical French meal in her teeny, tiny kitchen.  Notice that her kitchen has practically no work space, an EZ bake oven sized-oven, and a two-burner stove.

As she mentions in the video, almost all Parisian kitchens look like this and  that´s also true of most kitchens in Barcelona.  I remember when the Professor and I were apartment hunting, I told him that one of my deal breakers was that we couldn´t live in an apartment that had no oven and the stove had to have four burners.   While our current apartment does indeed meet these requirements, the kitchen is still pretty small (you can see a picture of our kitchen here) and we´ve definitely had to make a few adjustments.  For one thing, we don´t have a microwave which I´m sure will shock most of my American readers.  We really don´t miss having it to be honest and even though we have the space for it, I don´t want to sacrifice what little prep space I have.  Also microwaves are bulky and ugly.  Our pantry is also pretty small but we deal with that by just not buying in bulk (as you can imagine there are no Sam´s Club or Costco´s over here) and shopping frequently.  I´m happy to say that our current set-up has not led us to sacrifice in how often we cook or how fancy a dish we make.  As the lovely Rachel says in the video, ¨you do what you have to do to make your kitchen work.¨

For more information on this upcoming series, check out the BBC´s webpage for The Little Paris Kitchen.



  1. Love the Kitchn! I don't have a microwave either solely because of the ugly factor haha! I have tons of counter space but I don't like the look of cluttered counters. I hope you post more about differences between North America and Europe in terms of spaces, practices, etc. I find it so interesting!

  2. I used to hate the idea of not having a microwave, but after the microwave at my old apt broke, I realized that not having a microwave lends itself to being more creative and authentic in the kitchen. =)