Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The dark side...

I know I normally show you guys white or light and airy spaces and that's because, frankly, I love me some white.  And some light.  And some air.  BUT I also have a dark side.  I truly love (LOVE) the rooms above.  I love the charcoal, the indigo, the emerald, the aubergine and the ebony.  When used incorrectly, dark colors have a way of making rooms feel dark, heavy and (at least for me) suffocating.  But when used correctly, they have a way of making a room feel dramatic and sophisticated yet warm and inviting.  In order to make these colors work, you should balance the paint color with white or light furniture and keep the decor minimal.  This is not the time to get clutter-happy.  Try to keep the look pretty spare and it'll really make the colors stand out.

What do you guys think? Is there a dark side in you?

(Photos: Miss Moss, House and Home, The Marion House Book, Little Bits of Lovely, Living Etc.)

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  1. I like the last one.... I think it's because the photo in the last one allows me to easily recall the bony structures of the face. =)