Friday, October 14, 2011

Dreams of Flying

Remember those commercials for the Amazon Kindle a while back? Most people I know LOVED those commercials, not just for the cute, peppy, Little & Ashley songs playing in the background but also because of the whimsical and imaginative visuals that accompanied them. The scenes showing different adventures and experiences that one might read about in a great book did an excellent job of convincing me for at least 30 seconds, that I should buy an e-reader.

Yesterday, I found this series of art work that strongly reminded me of those commercials but in a much cooler and quirkier way.  German artist, Jan von Holleben, decided to create a series based on the average dreams of a young girl.  He then used everyday objects found in the home to creatively stage these pieces.  My favorite elements are the hangers as birds, the records as wheels, and the socks as cat ears.  Genius, eh?

For more inspiration (and laughs), check out more of his artwork here.

Buen fin de semana!

(Photos: Jan von Holleben)


  1. These look like they would have been so much fun to create. I don't know the Amazon Kindle commercials but will see if they are on YouTube. I'll definitely show them to Henry.

  2. That looks like so much fun! I need to quit med school, get sexy and find someone to take pictures of me like this!!!