Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keeping Busy

Disclaimer: If you're currently employed you may think I'm nuts for what I'm about to say.  Here is my big confession: I miss going to work.  I sound crazy, right? But the truth is that since finding out about our impending move to Barcelona, I haven't pursued any jobs since I've had the assumption that we'll be leaving soon. We first thought we'd be moving to Spain in August. Then we told everyone that we'd be moving in September.  Now we're almost in October and it's looking like we'll be here for Thanksgiving.  It's a very meh state of affairs indeed.

I keep reminding myself that when I was working, I was a stressed-out and frazzled version of myself.  I would come home with a bunch of papers to be graded, a lesson plan to be made, fifty or so emails to answer, and tutoring sessions to rush to.  Now I roll out of bed at around ten, eat a leisurely breakfast while reading the paper, check around five emails, and read and write blogs.  Now I know that if you are at work right now and reading this, you're hating me just a little bit.  You may be envious of my seemingly exaggerated amount of free time. But I assure you that once you've had two months of nothing to do, the once-glorious feeling of liberation will surely fade.

 If you're a Type A (like me) you may even find yourself creating projects just so you have something to do (ex. announcing to your husband, "Today I am going to color code all of the books!" To which your husband replies, "Great! That way whenever I want to read something white, I know exactly where to look.")

My newest little project that I dreamed up to keep myself busy is making a fall wreath totally from scratch.  This should be a great feat indeed if I do accomplish it considering that I am certainly NOT a crafty person no matter how much I like going to Michael's.  I'm currently trying to decide which of these designs I want to imitate or perhaps I'll let myself be inspired by odd things I find around the house.  I will certainly keep you posted as to how it turns out either way (warning: there may be a slight delay as I'll be driving my father-in-law around the entire city of Miami tomorrow and Wednesday. It's a long story. Let's just say it has something to do with him having a hearing and vision problem which makes his driving only slightly worse than the average Miamian's).

In the meantime, I'm curious to know: Are you crafty?  What kinds of craft projects would you recommend to someone with zero craft skills such as myself?

(Photos: Etsy, No Biggie, Stelabird)

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  1. My favorite is the bottom one! Make it for me! =)

    No I'm not crafty.

    I would recommend making jewelry!!