Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Where do you work?

I'm half-ashamed to admit this but as design-obsessed as I am, I have actually never carved out a space for a home office in any apartment I've lived in.  The closest I came was when a few years ago, I bought this cute little desk from Crate and Barrel and shoved it against a wall in my bedroom.  I meant to add a white Eames shell chair to it, but never got around to it. So the desk sat in the corner, with no chair, and with a pretty mug set atop it for two years until we found out we were moving to Spain and I had to sell it on craigslist. A sad end indeed for that little desk.

I found that I never actually used my desk as a primary workstation because I was constantly working somewhere else--the library, my local Starbucks, study group at a friends' house, the dining room table.  However, now that I find myself on my computer for around five or six hours a day sitting on the same cushion of my living room couch, I really feel that I could use a separate workstation.  Somewhere all mine.  Somewhere surrounded by images that inspire me, task lighting, and of course, a comfy chair (how amazing is that blue, velvet wingback chair in the last picture?!)

If you too want to create a beautiful workstation for your home, follow these tips:
  1. NEVER EVER buy office furniture.  I can almost guarantee you that anything you buy from Office Max, Office Depot or Staples will not only be ugly but will also be poorly crafted and NOT age well. 
  2. Instead, think outside the box. Anything can be a desk. In the first picture, the homeowner used a    lacquered, wooden slab affixed to the wall to create her desk.  In the third picture, the brushed stainless steel almost looks like kitchen counter material.
  3. Office chairs are ugly.  Instead use something unexpected. I love juxtaposing different styles and materials.  Got a vintage desk? Pair it with a modern chair. Got a metal desk? Pair it with a wooden chair.
  4. Hang or pin images, quotes, or family photos above your desk. Not only do they make the space pretty and personal but they will inspire you as you work.
  5. Have something living on your desk.  Plants or flowers not only cheer up the space but they add a bright pop of color and freshness to any space.
Do you guys have any tips to add? What does your workstation look like?

(Photos: The Marion House Book, French by Design, HGTV Canada, Style by Emily Henderson)


  1. Oh my gosh! I have to have a red accented office. HAVE TO!

  2. Good tips! I got my bf to build me a desk. It was really easy (so I say!)....just some cedar boards from Home Depot screwed together and then lying on top of two sawhorse type legs from Ikea. Rustic and functional!

  3. I agree with you... never never buy office forniture! I was thinkin about sharing some pics of my little work space : a bookcase, a wooden desk and and a vintage chair :)
    That's the part of my house where I spend most of time... and sometimes I feel like I go crazy because working remotely means spending the whole day in my bedroom!

    Love your blog and your spanish life (I'm italian!)


  4. @ThisTinder: Oooo that sounds awesome. I'd love to see a picture of it.
    @Lara: Please share! And thanks for stopping by! :)