Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scenes from our weekend

This past Saturday was the Night of the Museums which is an annual cultural event across Europe in which many museums stay open late into the night and offer free admission so that people can discover how amazing they are. In Barcelona, over 70 museums participated in the event and many of them even had special shows or exhibits just for the occasion. The city even put together agendas for people who wanted to visit several museums in the same night (museum hopping, if you will) and the streets were packed with people. Since the Professor and I have already visited several of the major art museums in Barcelona, we wanted to do something a little different that Roman would enjoy as well so we picked the Maritime Museum which was such a great choice for us and everyone had a great time.

Here are some scenes from our weekend:

Before we get into a recap of Museum Night, I have to mention what happened earlier that day, saddening though it may be. Barcelona suffered a disappointing defeat against Atletico Madrid who ended up winning La Liga. This was a home game too so you can imagine the level of depression in the city. Here you can see some heartbroken kids, dressed in their Barça best, regrouping after the loss. 

As you can see, the little one took his disappointment in stride. The Professor had been playing the FC Barcelona anthem most of that morning and the little one can actually do part of the chorus but instead of saying ´Barça, barça!' he says, 'Busa, busa!'

Onto the Maritime Museum! The museum is in this beautiful, old building that used to be the main shipyard of the city. There was this enormous and incredibly ornate ship right in the middle and Roman was delighted to see it. Unlike artwork and sculptures, boats are actually something he recognizes and appreciates--I think Jake and the Neverland Pirates has something to do with that. 

 This is the front of the same ship. Pretty nice huh? 

This museum was very child friendly because it's pretty big and spread out so the kids can run around without knocking stuff over or running into anything and they can also touch the boats as long as they don't try to climb into them which almost happened. This isn't a very good picture, but this is a shot of Roman sitting in his stroller with his arm and index finger extended, excitedly crying out, ´Boat!', 'Boat!'  

They also had this cute little display of the Vikings made of Playmobil figures. I don't know if these toys are popular in the U.S. but every European kid I know has an enormous collection of these little figurines. 

There was stuff for the grown ups too. There was an orchestra set up playing some wonderful music including some very recognizable songs from Hollywood movies like the theme from Jurassic Park, Beauty and the Beast, and Star Wars. It was so nice to sit in the crowd, in the dark, in such a lovely atmosphere to take in some music. It was a fun night for all of us although the little one did start to get a little cranky after a bit because it was past his bed time. So we called it a night and walked around and around Las Ramblas for a bit while Roman fussed and whined in his stroller. He finally fell asleep in the metro on the way home and actually let us sleep in the next morning because he had exhausted himself thoroughly the day before.

So that's what we've been up to lately. What did you guys do?

(P.S. Here's what we did last weekend, in case you missed it.)  

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