Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

Over the weekend there was a street fair on Carrer de Sants, a busy street near our house. It seems this street hosts a fair every month and there are almost always the same vendors and the same attractions no matter what the theme is. But even though we've seen the same stuff over and over again, the Professor and I keep going to sample some free food, see little kids with their faces painted, listen to music and watch drunk people dance salsa. Other than go to the street fair, we mostly just relaxed at home and watched episodes of Poirot (have you guys seen that show? It's awesome and very true to the books). 

Here are some more things we did over the weekend:

Interestingly enough, booths serving Moroccan tea are pretty common in Spanish street fairs. It probably has to do with the proximity of the two countries or perhaps it's a tradition incorporated into Spanish culture from when the Arabs ruled Spain. Whatever the reason, it's delicious and a great way to heat up on a fall day. 

My favorite part of any street fair is the food. In American fairs, typical foods are cotton candy, elephant ears, hot dogs, and caramel apples. There is some overlap here as we do have cotton candy and an assortment of grilled sausages and other meats. But other typical street fair foods in Barcelona are paella, olives, ham and more ham, and huge sheet cakes like these ones. This particular vendor probably had over thirty sheet cakes of different flavors with him and I probably stood there for ten minutes torn between truffle and triple chocolate cake before finally settling on tiramisu. It was divine.

Most large parks in Barcelona have at least one small cafe like this in them so that the adults can sit and have a coffee or beer while their little ones play nearby. On the weekends, the Professor and I normally end up hanging out here at the park's cafe for a few hours while Roman either plays or takes a snooze in his stroller. It may sound like a pretty lame way to spend an afternoon but as you can see, it's a pretty popular hangout for many parents.

Gadget and her arch nemesis. It's a pretty sure bet that if you come by our house in the daytime when the sun is out, you will find Gadget curled up on the end of the dining room table near the window, basking in the sunlight. Being so close to the window however, she often finds herself face to face with birds that hang out on the window sill mocking and teasing her. They drive Gadget crazy. She starts to twitch and chirp at them and tries to swipe at them while the birds happily hop around and send her triumphant glances as they fly away. Smug little buggers aren't they? Reminds me of Sylvester and Tweetie. 

Anyway, so that´s what we've been up to around here. What did you guys do?

P.S. Here's what we did last weekend in case you missed it. 

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