Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vacationing with Kids

Last week, I saw a post on Famille Summerbelle about a website like Airbnb but one that specializes in vacation rental properties specifically for FAMILIES. Now isn't that a bright idea? If you've ever traveled with a baby or kids, you probably know how difficult it is to get comfortable in a hotel no matter how child friendly it claims to be. When the Professor and I visited Vienna with Roman who was eight months old at the time, the hotel we stayed in thoughtfully provided us with a crib and high chair but there were no toys or books or videos to entertain him and there were exposed outlets everywhere which we had to block by rearranging the furniture. But the vacation properties listed on this website, Kid and Coe, have been carefully selected and must meet certain criteria to earn the label 'child friendly'. Plus, all the apartments are amazingly beautiful.

What I like about this website is if you click on a property, not only does it describe the property for rent, it also outlines what specifically about that property makes it child friendly (for instance, if there's a potty, a fenced in terrace, a step stool in the bathroom, available kids DVDs and videogames, a car seat you can borrow, etc) and it also describes what makes the property's location kid-friendly by listing parks within walking distance, or museums, or pools. In my opinion this is a brilliant idea and one that is long overdue. Since I found out about the site, I've been ogling the various places we could stay on our next vacation. The only downside is that the properties all seem to be on the expensive side. I don't think I've seen one for less than a hundred euro a night so far. Slight bummer. What do you guys think? Would you use this site?

(Photos: Kid and Coe)

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  1. I had never thought about the necessity for baby amenities (furniture wise) while traveling!!