Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

The last few weekends we've spent cooped up in the house coughing, drinking tea with honey, eating soup, and watching too much TV. Especially the little one who has recently become an addict of a certain English train named Thomas. So now that we're all finally feeling better (knock on wood!), we decided to spend the whole weekend out of the house in the gardens of Montjuic. Montjuic is a famous hill here in Barcelona with botanical gardens, parks, an Olympic stadium, and an old castle at the very top. We typically bring tourists here because the top of the hill has such great views of the city but we rarely come here just to hang out and stroll around but that's exactly what we did on Sunday. 

Here are some scenes from our weekend:

We found this beautiful clearing on the hike up to Montjuic and we had to stop and just take it in. At this time of year, almost every tree in Barcelona is shedding brown and golden leaves and while I do love that, it was so nice and unexpected to find this little verdant oasis.  I also like having an excuse to use the word verdant. :)

Somewhere around the Botanical Gardens in Montjuic, we stumbled upon this baseball game. Which was bizarre. That I know of, nobody here plays baseball. We've stumbled upon plenty of soccer games, basketball games, and even cricket games. But there's a first time for everything. The Professor had fun watching the game, meanwhile the little one and I found other ways to entertain ourselves....

We did some snacking, looked around for leaves and pinecones to take home and posed for some pictures for the Professor.  

Montjuic is a pretty steep hill and the little one had trouble maintaining his balance while running up and down. So even though he fell a lot and got pretty dirty, he had so much fun rolling around in the grass and the leaves. I used to be pretty uptight worried about my little one getting dirty. I hated the thought of putting him in the sandbox or letting him make mudpies like the other kids at the playground. But when I see his smiling face, I'm okay with the dirty knees.

This picture was taken facing the sun which even as photography novices we know is totally incorrect. But it came out awesome huh? It looks like we're sitting on a cloud in a forest. This was such a happy moment and I'm so glad we captured it. 

So that's what we've been up to. What did you guys do this weekend?

P.S. Here's what we did last weekend in case you missed it. 

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