Friday, September 27, 2013

Martina and Lola's Room

I saw a tour of this shared girls room the other day on Apartment Therapy and thought I'd share it in case you guys hadn't seen it. I adore this room which is so sweet and whimsical. If you notice, there's nothing particular about the room that screams 'girl'. There are no pink walls or Disney princesses about and the wallpaper, lighting and many of the toys actually are very gender neutral. If I'd had a girl her room would look like this (assuming I had as good taste as the mother who put this room together).

The mother, Beatriz, writes the amazing blog, Con botas de agua, and I have become smitten with it for her beautiful photographs, restaurant and cafe recommendations in Madrid where she lives, and a glimpse into her family life. I recommend you check it out if you need another online addiction and if you speak Spanish, of course. Enjoy!

(Photos: Con botas de agua)

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  1. Love it! It's simple, yet fun! My favorite is the little stove situation. =)