Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

Over the weekend, the weather in Barcelona heated up--finally it´s starting to feel like summer! The warmer temperatures means that street fairs are back (yay!) so on Saturday,we spent the day moseying along the vendor´s stalls, sampling some great food, flipping through crates of used books, and catching some local performers sing, dance, and do magic tricks. Here are some scenes from our weekend:

One thing you can be sure to find at any street fair in Spain is at least a dozen different vendors selling an assortment of sausages and jamón.  We love getting a chance to sample at least a few different kinds of ham that we wouldn´t normally buy in the supermarket because it´s either too expensive or too unfamiliar. The best ham (and most expensive) is the jamón iberico de bellota (for those who don´t speak Spanish, these are pigs that are fed a diet of mostly acorns). Super silky texture and a wonderful, rich taste. 

I was also super impressed by these baskets made in Madagascar. I really, REALLY wanted to buy one  (I´ve been on the hunt for a stylish solution for storing Roman´s toys in the living room), but they didn´t have the style I wanted in the size I wanted. Now I´ve gone and lost their flyer and I don´t know the name of this place or how to get in touch! I´m very sad about this. If anyone knows where I can find these people, please let me know!

While we were out, we caught a magic show. I think the little one is still too young to enjoy these kinds of things or else his tastes are a bit sophisticated for tricks where you turn a solid piece of wood into a coiled rope. Roman gave the magician five minutes of rapt attention before he began squirming around, trying to decide the best way to eat the other children´s balloons. 

And he also figured out how to stand without holding onto anything for support over the weekend. He even took a few steps while standing!  But that´s not what this picture is of. This picture is of another little thing he learned over the weekend---that tearing out pieces of paper one by one from mama´s notebook is an entertaining way to spend an hour.

So that´s what we´ve been up to. What did you guys do over the weekend?

P.S. Here´s what we did last weekend in case you missed it. 

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  1. That's A LOOOOOOOOOOT of sausage. Such cute pictures. Which of the two monkeys do you think enjoyed the magic show more? ;)