Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nine months

Also known as the month where the little one keeps us guessing. I feel that what has most characterized this month is the way that nothing seems to be consistent or predictable anymore--his sleeping, his eating, his mobility. One day he'll sleep a six hour stretch at night, the next he's waking up crying every hour and a half. One day he'll eagerly be eating his broccoli soup, the next day he's pushing his spoon away and using his hands to block his mouth so we can't force any in. And ever since he turned eight months old, we've been waiting for him to walk. Because he's SO close! He just can't take the plunge. And speaking of plunges, here are some more things we've learned about him this month.

To my little one,

You've been swimming! Okay, that's a total exaggeration. I mean to say that you wore swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a flotation device on your back while your papa and I held you in our arms while WE swam. A few weeks ago we discovered that our local gym reserves a half hour on Saturday and Sunday evenings for baby swim sessions so we've gone a few times with you and you've had a blast every time. Instead of paddling or kicking though, you prefer to intently watch all the other babies with their parents and take a few sips of pool water. Ick.

You crawl! Sometimes. And only short distances. And never when we have the camera out. You actually developed the ability to crawl sometime after your turned eight months old but you didn't really seem to be into it because you only did it sporadically. Even now that you're a month older, if we put you on the floor you'll mostly crawl just to get a toy that's slightly out of reach or you'll crawl to reach the couch or the bookshelf or a chair so that you can pull yourself to a standing position. You seem to have no interest in crawling just for the heck of it or crawling in order to explore the rest of the house. You seem to be totally okay with someone picking you up and carrying you to other destinations instead of getting there yourself.

Although you like to sit, you much prefer to stand. You can even stand unsupported for a few seconds before falling on your butt and even when you do you get right back up. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night in order to practice your standing. While you stand you like to bend your knees and bounce around as though the world were your trampoline. And you like to cruise around your crib, shuffling along all four sides while gripping the rails like I do when I'm in an ice skating rink.

You have two new teeth. Your top teeth made their appearance this month and they have caused you quite a bit of pain. For almost two weeks you woke up frequently in the night crying (you'd never really done that before), you rejected your foods (everything except breast milk), and you bit hard and viciously everything you could get in your mouth (except any toy or device created specifically for teething babies). I'm so glad these teeth are finally all the way out but you've got like another 16 teeth to go so there will be more fun for you and us down the line.

You have SO much energy that sometimes we can't keep up with you. When we hold you, you like to climb all over us as though we were your personal jungle gym. You eagerly and persistently reach for everything that is either breakable (our coffee mugs, our glasses, our cell phones) or dirty (our shoes, our keys, sand at the playground) or dangerous (hot beverages, forks, scissors). You've been hearing the word "NO" a lot and "CACA" (which is the word in Spanish for "poop" and is basically applied to anything you don't want a baby or child to touch). Fortunately, you know what these words mean and they usually make you back off BUT hell hath no fury like a baby whose toy has been taken away. If you grab something we don't want you to play with (like my tweezers), I know from experience that when I snatch it away from you, I better replace it with something equally interesting (like my comb) IMMEDIATELY lest you throw a total hissy fit.

You get hurt sometimes and your papa and I are trying to be okay with it. Now that you're walking and grabbing and pulling and throwing, you have a tendency to fall down, bump your head, or hit yourself. We've done some childproofing stuff like covering the outlets and making sure our bookshelves are secured to the wall. But our main childproofing tool is to keep an eye on you all the time. Even so sometimes you are way too quick for us and you hurt yourself before we can react. Every tear and wail breaks our hearts but I know you need to learn cause and effect and sometimes you'll get hurt and we just need to make sure that it's not that bad. My dad (your baba joon) said something about this that I find comforting--"if babies don't fall, they don't grow."

That's all for this month my little moon.


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  1. We experienced the hissy fit first hand, remember? lol. Better tell my hubs to have something more interested to provided when taking away the bottle of vino from the little.