Monday, May 21, 2012

Banishing the bareness (little by little)

Even though the Professor and I have been living in this apartment since January, we've only JUST put up some art on the walls.  And it's about time! I've been staring at this narrow, bare wall between our two living room windows for months wondering if we should put one large art piece here, or a few small prints, or if we should scrap art all together and put up a large mirror or some decorative shelves.  I finally reached a decision when I saw these two prints on display at a Chilean restaurant that we frequent here in Barcelona, Cafe-Bar Merquen in the neighborhood of Sant Antoni.  The artist's name is Anna Repullo and her work is both whimsical and graphic. The topmost print features two birds carrying a clock and a banner that says, "tempus fugit" ("time flies" in Latin).  To check out more of her work visit

One wall down, and oh....about 15 more to go.  I can't wait until I've accumulated so much art that my house looks like one of these lovelies featured on From the Right Bank.

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  1. Pretty! I like =) When I moved into the house here in Anaheim, almost all the walls were bare. Now we have tons of photographs, we have our UCLA and UF paintings, and other odds and ends everywhere. We still need to do something with two of the bedrooms and one wall in the living room. You'll see when I finally do my feature on the house. =)

    PS - I love giraffes. I think it's because they're tall.