Monday, February 6, 2012

Rainy days

Last Thursday the temperature in Barcelona dropped sharply with highs around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and lows in the 30s.  There was even talk that it would snow! Something that only rarely happens here (I mean like once every ten years rarely).  On top of the icy temperatures, we got icy rain which the Professor and I were unfortunate enough to get stuck in while out shopping on Friday afternoon.  After that experience, while shivering our way back home, we decided that there would be plenty of other warmer and drier opportunities to explore the city and that we should hole up in our apartment until the bad weather had gone. Or at least until Monday morning, when the Professor had to head back to work.  So our weekend consisted of cooking and devouring some steaming lentil soup with a freshly baked, crusty baguette purloined from the bakery downstairs, sipping many cups of tea, and getting lost in the period drama, Downton Abbey.  I swear I must be the last person in the world to be watching this show.  Every time I talk to someone about our television watching habits (which have been pretty limited since moving here), they immediately recommend that we download the first season of this show so we can become as addicted as they are. And it's working! We must have watched three episodes straight on Sunday.

Overall, we had a lovely and cozy weekend being hermits in our now well-heated apartment.  It might sound a little odd and maybe pretty mushy to most of you, but I'm always a little sad when Monday rolls around since I can't spend the whole day loafing around with my favorite person anymore. Bummer, huh?

What did you guys do?

(Photo: Tea)

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  1. a) I would have been BITCHING about the weather
    b) You are lucky that you were with Kristian and not with me.
    c) I love carbs
    d) I have never heard of Downtown Abbey
    e)I have no idea what I was doing around the 6th
    f) meh lol