Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My perfect Valentine's Day

I'm not hugely into Valentine's Day. I don't send people cards in the mail, I don't decorate my house with pink and red hearts and I don't typically buy my significant other a gift.  But that doesn't mean that I ignore the holiday either! I just prefer doing simple, semi-clichéd, romantic things for my loved one to show them how much I care. Making them their favorite dish or dessert, giving them a long massage (not the usual, ten second, distracted back rub), giving real kisses (not the usual quick peck on the lips) and maybe watching a classic, romantic movie like Casablanca or Roman Holiday.  Unfortunately, as romantic as I try to be on this day, the Professor always seems to outdo me! This morning he woke up two hours earlier than usual and went out to buy flowers and ingredients for french toast. He then served me breakfast in bed and actually was late to work today so he could eat in bed with me.  Somehow a back massage and make-out session don't seem like much in comparison to french toast with raspberries and quince jam!

How do you guys celebrate this holiday? Or don't you?


  1. Awww well The professor will always outdo you. We've known this for a long time lol. All that matters is that you both try. =)

    My guy and I celebrated 4 days after Valentine's Day (due to the distance obvy). We went for a walk and grabbed dinner on Lincoln Road. =)

  2. That is soooo sweet!! I'm not really into Vday...I don't have strong feelings against it but not really for it either so I end up just kind of forgetting about it. Aaron always asks Are you suuuure you don't want to do anything?? As if I'm tricking him hehe

    P.S. I passed the Liebster Award on to you on my blog today!