Monday, February 27, 2012

The Barcelona Baby

It is time to confirm on this wee blog something that some of you have long known and perhaps others of you have long suspected.  The Professor and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child due sometime in mid-July.  We are super excited and anxious and hopeful and intimidated--in short, we are everything new parents always are! I am currently more than four months pregnant (20 weeks to be more exact) and am feeling wonderful.

So far, I've had a rather amazing pregnancy (not to rub it in!).  I've had no morning sickness whatsoever, only intermittent nausea and no health problems.  The first trimester, which is normally the most difficult for many women, was a very tranquil time for me.  In fact, I felt so normal that I often worried that I wasn't pregnant at all.  I would hear other women's stories of endless vomiting and crazy emotional mood swings and worry that my pregnancy was all in my head.  In my most neurotic moments, I found myself googling things like "eight weeks pregnant and no symptoms" and "could a pregnancy just disappear?".  I know, I know.  I'm so neurotic I'm a regular Woody Allen.

The only aberration to my normal life that I experienced during my first trimester was a total aversion to food.  I just wasn't interested in eating.  I would join my family at the dining table, pick up my fork or spoon, and just stare at my plate.  The thought of eating revolted me.  The only things that I felt like eating were fresh fruit, jello, salads and fruit juice.  My appetite was actually so diminished that I lost weight (around 7 pounds) during  my first trimester.

Fortunately for the baby and for me, my appetite has come back these past two months. With a vengeance!  Before I got pregnant, I was always a grazer. I'm incapable of eating large meals because I just don't have the stomach space. Instead I have always preferred to nibble on small snacks throughout the day.  A yogurt here, a banana there, etc.  Now that I'm well into my second trimester, it's more like three servings of jello here and five kiwis there. I can seriously eat five kiwis in under fifteen minutes. And the only reason it takes fifteen minutes is because you have to peel those suckers first.  What can I say? The baby loves kiwis, pineapple, bananas, apples, and mandarin oranges.  But it also loves doughnuts, french toast and churros (or maybe that's just it's mommy taking advantage of the situation!)  I am somewhat sheepish to say that I have made the Professor (on more than one occasion) run out in the wee hours of the night to buy me something sweet and fattening that I just had to have. And the Professor has been his usual wonderful, caring, and supportive self throughout.

In two weeks, we have our next doctor's appointment and ultrasound so finally we'll be able to find out if everything is okay with our little one and more excitingly, we get to find out the sex! I'll be sure to  keep you all posted on that visit and everything else related to this, our newest adventure.

(Photo: One of my favorite mothers, Audrey Hepburn)


  1. Wow, congratulations!!! I'm also an expat (Argentinian) living and studying music in Barcelona; I've been quietly reading your delightful blog for a few months, but I had to comment on such wonderful news!
    I don't know if you have many friends here, but if you need anything feel free to email me.


  2. Ohmygosh soooooo exciting, congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you guys! You had me laughing with your neuroticism and food anecdotes too hehehe. Looking forward to hearing more updates!

  3. Wow, so exciting! I'm so happy for you and the professor! You guys will make great parents :)

  4. Lucky baby! And lucky parents, I always fantasized about having a kid while in Europe (probably for the dream of extended maternity leave). Congrats.

    Oh, I've been following your exciting journey but never been able to comment. Hope I can do so now.

  5. It's good for you that you mentioned to the doughnut! I saw that you only mentioned the usual healthy food you crave and I was totally about to out you!! ;)

    In other news....I suddenly have a craving for kiwis.