Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little pretty for Christmas

As it is the first of December today, I thought I'd post some pretty things for Christmas. Now I can't actually buy any of these things since I'm in the middle of an overseas move and don't need to accumulate additional things to pack.  But it's nice to ogle every now and again, don't you agree?

Here's some pretty for your Thursday:


(Photos: Roost Ornaments, Roost Advent Tree, Modern Santa, 2012 Calendar, Homestead Candlesticks


  1. I just pinned the first photo for the way the ribbon and twine wrap around the branch pretty. Do you feel like you're missing out on Christmas a bit this year, with your move?

  2. @This Tinder While we're still in Miami, I'm definitely trying to Christmas it out all the way. I've been listening to the non-stop Christmas music stations, baking Christmas cookies, and helping my family decorate their homes. But it sounds like we're going to land in Spain right before the holidays, so definitely I'll feel a teeny bit like I'm missing out then.

  3. I feel like Advent calendars are usually very hit or miss... I really like the one in this post though! I'll prob never choose to own such a calendar, but I can appreciate it. =)