Monday, November 7, 2011

We pack, they ship

Readers, today I have two pieces of good news for you.  First, last week the Professor received his visa!!! Only three weeks after we applied!  We were super excited and thrilled.  The only slight downer is that there's still no word on my visa yet.  We're not that crushed about this though because when we submitted our applications, we were warned that work visas are issued MUCH faster than residency visas.  We're hopeful that there will be some word on my visa in a few weeks (fingers and toes crossed!)

The second piece of good news is that we've found a shipping company to move our things from Miami to Barcelona (yay!)  After much internet research and calling around for quotes, I decided to contact a company recommended by the expats from this blog.  This couple raved about a company called UPakWe Ship, so two weeks ago, I decided to give them a ring.   I have to say that in our interactions with them over the past few weeks, I have found them to be knowledgeable, friendly and PATIENT.  I emphasize the last bit because we had many questions for them that were kindly and calmly answered.  It's comforting to know that though something might seem like a huge undertaking in your eyes, for other people it is something they've done a million times with no problems.

 However,  the ultimate reason we decided to go with UPakWeShip, apart from the excellent customer service, was because they were the cheapest option.  Hands down.  As I mentioned in this post (and again in this post), the Professor and I are not taking any furniture.  Just books, clothes, home decor, artwork, photo albums and lots of kitchen stuff (more on what we decided to take and what we tossed tomorrow).  We decided that our belongings should neatly fit within 30 cubic feet of space.  For that tiny amount of stuff, we were quoted as high as $1300 from some other companies.  UPakWeShip quoted us at $720.   That includes the cost of shipping our things, customs fees, and delivery to our door once our stuff arrives in Barcelona.  No comparison, right?

So we're very happy with our decision and I would highly recommend this company to you guys.  Today, we will be taking our twenty, small boxes of stuff out of my sister's bedroom (where they've been sitting packed and ready since August) to a warehouse in south Miami.  From there, our stuff will go to a port in South Carolina (where UPakWeShip is located). Then our stuff will get placed on a boat en route to Europe and in 6-8 weeks, we should be reunited in Barcelona!

Oh the adventures our stuff will have! I'm a little jealous. :)


  1. WOw, even at the expensive option, that's *much* cheaper than I thought it would be!!

  2. @ThisTinder It'd have been much more expensive if we had any furniture to ship or if we hand't gotten rid of so much stuff. But even I was surprised at how affordable it was!

  3. I too am very impressed! I had a friend who moved to South America last year and he complained that the price of shipping cost more than his stuff was worth. If he ever moves back to the U.S., I'll tell him to contact this company.

  4. So exciting! I'm gonna keep them in mind for my upcoming move to London. =)