Thursday, August 11, 2011

You CAN take it with you....or you can try anyway

It's the first week of August and our belongings are neatly packed in boxes awaiting further instructions.  As our visa application drags on, the Professor and I have begun researching how to get our belongings from Point A to Point B(arcelona).  As I mentioned in a previous post, we're planning on shipping our stuff over by boat but we haven't decided which shipping company we will use as of yet (if you guys have any suggestions, I'm all ears).  

Even though almost all of our things are already packed, there are a few things which carry much too much sentimental value to be bubble-wrapped and squeezed into a box alongside our gravy boat.  I have decided that my tea pot and photo albums are so precious that they must travel with us in our suitcases (preferably our carry on) because I just can't trust some shippers (is that what they call themselves?) to treat them with the care they deserve.  

I'm sure you guys understand why the photo albums are sentimental, but the tea pot? Seriously? YES! I am serious about my tea. I'm half Persian and Persian tea runs in my veins. I easily drink about ten cups a day (the cups are pretty teeny, but still).  Nothing makes me feel more at home then sipping a warm, aromatic cup of tea.  For that reason, I know that when we get to Barcelona and we're in our new apartment looking at blank walls and boxes of unpacked stuff, I will be needing that cup of tea. 

For those of you who have never experienced the delight of Persian tea, just stop by our apartment (address forthcoming). Or in the meantime, make a cup yourselves.

You will need:

1)  A tea pot
2)  A tea kettle (electric or stove-top)
3)  Loose leaf tea. Two parts Darjeeling, one part Earl Grey (no tea bags please!)
4)  A few cardamom pods 


1)  Bring a full pot of water to boil in your electric or stove-top tea kettle.
2)  Spoon 2 teaspoons of Darjeeling and 1 teaspoon of Earl Grey tea into your tea pot.
3)  Crack your cardamom pods and place into your tea pot.
4)  When the water has boiled, pour the water over the tea in your tea pot.
5)  If using a stove-top tea kettle, place your tea pot on top of the kettle to steep the tea, like so.  If you are not using a stove-top kettle, you may place your tea pot on a samovar (which is the traditional way), on a hot plate, or on a stove burner set to warm (you don't want to burn the tea!)
6)  After five minutes or so of brewing, pour the tea into a small, clear, glass cup.  It is very important that the glass be transparent so you can judge the strength of the tea by its color. Good Persian tea is an amber color. 
7) Fill the glass cup half way with tea from the tea pot, then fill up the remainder of the cup with hot water from your tea kettle. 
8)  Enjoy with a cube of sugar.

So there you have it! My cure for homesickness!  What's yours?  What symbol of home would you take with you?

(Photos: Kiana @ The Barcelona Story)


  1. Listen here, Kiana, you will not be posting any kind of address, forthcoming or otherwise. Ya hear? I <3 Persian tea. I've never busted open the cardamom though. Come visit me while I study and make me some. BYOT (bring your own teapot) as I hear it's better when it comes from you.

  2. My instant cure for homesickness...being with the person I love, with my TV and PS3 of course

  3. @lb1284 I love BYOTs!
    @kj719: Awww, I love the sappiness. But you just had to ruin it with the tech toys didn't you?

  4. Kiana, I saw your question about loafer heels at A Cup of Jo and wanted to suggest maybe keeping an eye on Naturalizer and Nine West? I try to stick to 2.5-3" heels, too, because I have to be on my feet so much - teaching, crossing campus, getting to and from my bus stop - and I have a pair of naturalizer penny loafers with a slim 3" heel that I bought years ago, so they have definitely done the style before. Also, Born or Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole may have this on-trend look with a slightly more moderate heel height. Oh! And I'd check all these brands at, too, in case one of them had a heeled loafer in the past year or two. Hope this helps!

  5. @fleur_delicious Thanks so much for the tip! I will definitely keep my eye on Naturalizer for some fall loafers. I also teach and am on my feet all day so a comfy shoe always trumps style. Almost always, anyway :)

  6. Oh yes, I know how some things are way too precious to pack up in boxes!

  7. Tea. Yes. It's home. It's our cure-all.