Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh happy day!

Saturday was a very happy day indeed for me and the Professor.  On that day, we finally (FINALLY!) received both of our authenticated, official, background check letters from the FBI stating that indeed we are not criminals. This letter could not have come a moment sooner since I was one bureaucratic phone call away from contemplating murder. I kid, I kid! 

In case you're curious to see exactly what an FBI letter of good conduct looks like, here is a picture of someone else's.  The Professor wouldn't let me post our letters because he's convinced that someone could still hack our personal information even if I black it out.  I normally defer to his opinions on matters such as these since the only kind of hacking I know anything about is the kind involving a butcher's knife and a piece of meat. 

Once we received our letters, I quickly translated them into Spanish, then we took them to a bilingual notary so that that person could notarize that my translation was indeed correct. THEN we sent our original letters and the notarized translations to the Tallahassee Apostille office so that the State of Florida could authenticate our letters themselves.  Don't ask me why Florida has to authenticate a document that has already been authenticated by a federal agency.  At this point I don't ask any questions.  Once we get our twice-authenticated letters back from Tallahassee, we can return to the Spanish Consulate with our now completed visa applications. Whew! 

In short, things are rolling now folks! 

(Photos: Oh Happy Day!)


  1. This woman has made a mess. FYI - you should know that you are fully expected to blog double the amount in Spain. kthxbye. =)

  2. HOLY FRICK!! I just looked at the link. THAT took this long?!?! This is bs... I was expected an 862 page document. Freaking tax dollars wasted. ugh. But CONGRATULATIONS!!!! =D