Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet Larry!

One of the interior design blogs that I frequent, Desire to Inspire, does a segment every Monday called “Pets on Furniture” where they ask readers to email pictures of their adorable pets sitting, standing, or sleeping on a piece of furniture.  This is my submission:

A few weeks ago, I was thumbing through the photos of the day section of The Guardian online, when I stumbled across a photo of this little cutie.  If you don’t know who Larry the Cat is, you probably don’t live in England or read lighthearted, non-serious articles in European newspapers (I fall into the latter category).  Larry is the British Prime Minister’s newly acquired white tabby cat.  He resides in Number 10 Downing Street which is where the Prime Minister lives and works and where important political meetings take place.  When he is not busy chasing and killing rats in Her Majesty’s Headquarters, he can be found perched on a windowsill contemplating grave economic matters,

bounding down staircases in hot pursuit of thugs and criminals, 

or patiently waiting for the distinguished, political, bipeds to arrive at the conference room.

I don’t know why the idea of a cat residing in a major political establishment tickles me to death.  I suppose it’s because I can see him behaving the way my cat does.  Can’t you just picture him lounging lazily on that conference table, or perhaps batting around a stray pen while a major meeting is taking place? Or perhaps he’ll lift up his leg, point his toe in the air, and proceed to bend over and clean himself which our cat always feels the need to do when we have company over.

I know this post has nothing to do with Barcelona, but with all of the violence and tragedy ongoing in England, I thought we could all probably do with a good dose of levity.

Happy Monday!

(Photos: The Guardian


  1. My dad wants me to clarify that in the first paragraph where I say "When he is not busy chasing and killing rats" I'm referring to Larry not to the British Prime Minister. LOL!

  2. I wonder if British cats voted for Larry to be the Prime Minister's cat...

  3. SO SO cute. I love cats. Larry is absolutely adorable :)

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