Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five reasons to become an FC Barcelona fan

First, I should make it clear that I know nothing about sports.  However, I am more knowledgeable about sports than I used to be (and even that’s not saying much) because the Professor is an avid sports fan and we only have one TV.  The Professor will watch anything with a ball in it: soccer, football, basketball, tennis, rugby, Quidditch (you did not misread that. I did indeed say Quidditch).

Recently, the Professor has become a die-hard fan of FC Barcelona, a pro-soccer team that boasts some amazingly gifted and famous players who also are not half-bad looking (wink, wink).  If you are a soccer fan or if you watched the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, you will recognize these men.  In order from top left:

Lionel Messi:  Argentinean-born striker for FC Barcelona and the Argentinean National Team. Messi is widely regarded as the greatest player in the world. Greatest honor bestowed heretofore: My husband wants to name our first born after him (we’ll see). 

Gerard Piqué:  Central defender for FC Barcelona.  Currently dating Colombian hip-shaker, Shakira.  Shakira and Pique are the Brangelina of Spain and Latin America.  They’re Shakirique.  Or Piquira.

Cesc Fàbregas:   Cesc is the newest addition to Barcelona (when I say new, I mean he just got signed two days ago).  Formerly the captain for the British team Arsenal, he now rejoins his childhood friend Pique in playing for his hometown. Check out their bromance to the tune of Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero” here.

David Villa:  Striker for the Spanish National Team and FC Barcelona, David was hot stuff during the 2010 World Cup, scoring five goals which earned him the Silver Boot. Check out this insane goal here against Real Madrid.

Pep Guardiola:  I saved the best for last.  Pep is a former FC Barcelona player and the present day coach for Barcelona.  He can often be found pacing back and forth on the sidelines in an immaculate suit and skinny tie.  No one looks better yelling at referees than Pep.

Hopefully, I've convinced you to become a Barca fan.  If not, at least you got some eye candy out of this post :) 


  1. I'm sold on the pictures alone. Yum!

  2. I love those guys! Guardiola is so dapper in his little outfits.