Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vicky Cristina Burocracia Part 2

Okay, remember how in my last post I talked about how the Spanish Consulate requires all visa-seekers to get a health certificate from a doctor that assures them that you don’t have cholera, yellow fever, the plague or West Nile Virus?  Well, apparently this is a challenge of SARS- breakout proportions.  

The problem is that first of all, the Professor and I do not have health insurance.  We haven’t had health insurance since we graduated from grad school and were covered by the university’s student health care center.   After calling the student health care center, we learned that even though we’ve been immunized there and had blood work and lab work done there, they can NOT issue us a health certificate because we are no longer students and we might have contracted something medieval since we graduated.   Fine.  So I called my local Health Department and explained the situation to them.   I figured that since they are the entity responsible for immunizing people traveling abroad, they would be able to help us out.  After being transferred to four different people at the Health Department who had no idea what I was talking about, I was told to contact an urgent care center.   I contacted four urgent care centers.  All of them told me to contact the Health Department.  Do you see where this is going? 

Finally, on a call to the fifth urgent care center on my list and running out of patience (who am I kidding? I was out of patience by urgent care center #3), I spoke to a very chirpy nurse who told me that the doctor would write us our letter in English and in Spanish (I almost swooned) as long as we bring in our immunization and medical records from the university.  So, our appointment is at the end of the week and our fingers are crossed that everything will go smoothly and the bureaucratic nightmare is over.  Let’s just hope that my optimism is contagious. 

P.S. Penelope's face in this picture is totally how I feel right now. 

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  1. Ha! You kinda look like her, Mrs. Professor! =) You are too pretty for your own good. How can these people say no to you?! (Obviously you should've just gone in and pouted and told them what you want...lol.) Medical records might not mean crap in this country, but I'll tell you what....TEARS DO! =)