Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Living Vicariously

Where would we be without the internet?  This question is so clichéd by now but take a moment and think about it.  Nevermind the ability to access knowledge about any topic at lightning speed, the ability to communicate with anyone in the world via social networking media, or the delight of finding videos of cats doing cute things and babies laughing.   

More specifically, think about this: Ten years ago,  if you were moving to a foreign country and wanted to read about the experiences of other people who had done it, where would you find these people?   How could you get in touch with them to ask them specific questions or ask them for advice? Ten years ago, I would have had no idea what to tell you.  Today, however, there is this amazing invention called blogs (perhaps you’ve heard of them)  where people with seemingly no concern for their privacy, open their lives to the prying eyes of others and tell the world all about themselves.  And thank God for that!
I know I’ve written about Barcelona-bound blogs before, but lately I’ve discovered (and quickly become addicted to) blogs about people moving to all sorts of awesome places.  Reading these blogs is not just useful because they convince you that you CAN do this and that you are not alone but also because some posts give practical, important information that you can use if you should find yourself moving abroad. 

In the blog, La Vita è bella, two Americans, Kate and Rob, picked up and moved to Florence, Italy.  Their blog has been really helpful for explaining how to pack your belongings when shipping your stuff overseas, what shipping service to use, how to take your gadgets with you, and how to take your pet with you.  Needless to say, SUPER useful for us.

In the blog, Flying House, a couple who have moved from Spain to Morocco to Denmark, blog about the experience of living in these different countries with their 3 kids.  This is a VERY special family.  Can you imagine country-hopping  around the globe with your kids in tow?  I didn’t think so.

Finally, in the blog Oh Happy Day, a professional party planner blogs about moving her husband and two small children to Paris for the year.   I think that’s probably everybody’s fantasy, am I right? I mostly visit this blog to ogle pictures of Parisian cafés and smartly dressed Parisian women but the blog also provides some insight into the cost of living in Europe, the visa process, and did I mention the awesome pictures?

The great thing is that you don’t have to be Europe-bound to become addicted to these blogs. Just enjoy living vicariously through whoever gets to eat that chocolate gelato above.


  1. I enjoyed seeing other blogs you referenced too.

  2. Me too!! You are so good with citing your resources. Unmentioned high school and university would be proud.

    btw- I want Karma Cream and you are to blame for that!