Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't cry for me HGTV

At the end of this week, our cable will officially be cut off.  In anticipation of our overseas move, the Professor and I have decided to cancel our DirecTV two months in advance.  In part, this is an effort to save money but the ulterior motivation is to wean ourselves off TV little by little.  For someone who grew up without cable and who was generally discouraged from watching anything that was not PBS, it is truly amazing how addicted I have become to the boob tube.  This may horrify you dear reader (and I hope my dad is not reading this) but our TV is on from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed at night.  In my defense, I’m currently not working and while the TV may in fact be on all the time, normally it is only on in order to provide ambient noise while we clean, cook, work, and eat (except dinner time which is always TV off time). 

A clarification: I do not actually watch TV all day and also I will defend myself by saying that I normally watch something semi-educational like home improvement shows and cooking shows, (my husband wants me to include ESPN and the Daily Show as educational, so let’s humor him :).   In other words I’m not watching something that will rot your brain like the Real Idiots of Whatever County or Keeping up with the Bimbos. 
I don’t know how we will adjust to the loss of our main source of entertainment.  I wonder if it will be like weaning yourself off other addictions.  Will we start feeling jittery and cranky?  Will we start snapping at each other at the slightest provocation?  Will we catch each other sneaking on to Hulu and YouTube to catch snippets of our favorite shows and then feel guilt about it?

You may be thinking to yourself, “why don’t these people just get a Netflix subscription?” Ah-ha! Well dear reader, Netflix will indeed be our substitute for cable for these next two months as you can watch hit shows like 30 Rock, Law and Order: SVU, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, etc for a very reasonable price (I swear I don’t work for Netflix).   However, my favorite shows are not available on Netflix. These include: Everyday Italian, Barefoot Contessa, Design Inc. and Sarah’s House.   The latter two are interior design shows on the Home and Garden channel (HGTV) featuring the wonderful, witty, and always classy Sarah Richardson.  I will dearly miss you Sarah (sniff, sniff).  I only hope that while in Spain, I will find a replacement for the shows that I love and in the meantime, I will keep up with my email campaign to HGTV to put these shows on DVD and sell ‘em on Amazon darnit!

(Photo credit: Canadian House and Home)

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  1. You guys will make it! Hopefully with limited squabbles!! I haven't had cable for years!! =) I support this move!