Thursday, April 28, 2011

Musings on the possible identity crises of future offspring

Yes, reader. That is a long blog post title.  I feel that some explanation of the title is warranted before I get into the official post.

As you know, I am of mixed national descent hailing from a Persian father and Chilean mother. Meanwhile, the Professor also hails from two nationalities- Ecuadorean and Cuban.  Since finding out that we will be moving to lovely Barcelona in a few short months, I can't help but wonder whether our combined four nationalities (five really if you take into account that despite our ancestries, the Professor and I are essentially Americans), will make for a very confused future offspring.

To add to this smorgasbord of identities, we will be moving to Barcelona of all places. A city which struggles with its own national identity on a daily basis: are its people Catalan? Are they Spanish?  Depends on whom you ask. So how will our future offspring identify themselves? Will they identify as Spanish? Catalan? Or will they chose from the grabbag of identities offered to them by their parents.  I have no answers to these questions and I guess I don't even really need to worry about this yet because I am not a parent. However, it helps to know that my situation is not really unique.  Just yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Jenna Park, discussed her struggle to keep her kids linked to their Korean/Russian/Norwegian/Italian/American roots. Whew! As Chandler from Friends would have said, "Could there BE any more backslashes?"

Anyway, check out Jenna's post:

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  1. LOVE the friends reference! Love you Kiana! Can't wait to see you and the professor!