Thursday, October 9, 2014

A magical place and a special day

Today I'd like to share a magical place with you guys called  Pudding Cafe in l'eixample dreta. I discovered this place by accident a year ago after visiting the LAIE bookstore which is directly across the street. Through the window, I caught a glimpse of a crazy white and red striped ceiling and was immediately intrigued by the circus-like décor. When you step inside, you feel at once as though you've entered into Alice's Wonderland with the enormous mushrooms that make you feel dwarfed in comparison. There are comfy chairs and enormous tables, cozy sofas in the corners for secret chats with friends, books piled high on every surface and all the drinks are served in dainty, flowery, cups.


Last week, in order to celebrate my birthday, I invited my friends here for cake and tea--my two passions in life! I picked this place for a few reasons 1) the lovely decor 2) it was big enough to fit everyone (that makes it sound like I have a lot of friends, but there were only like 9 people there) 3) the food is delicious and 4) it's a perfect spot for kids. Below is a picture I took of some of my birthday cakes. My idea was that since the portion sizes are enormous, we would order a few different things and share. It was like tapas but with cake, which is even better! We took dainty bites and savored them like sommeliers carefully trying to detect subtle flavors. Then, we voted on our favorites. I have a spot in my heart for carrot cake but the cheesecake got the most votes. (P.S. I have an inner girly girl that doesn't like pink, princesses, unicorns or anything sparkly but cannot get enough of adorable, whimsical, heart shaped plates. That girl's weird). 

As I mentioned, Pudding is a wonderful place for toddlers and little kids. There are plenty of children's books, board games, crayons and paper, some Legos,and other random things lying around to keep the little ones busy while the parents enjoy themselves. Roman probably had as much fun as I did, but that might have been partly because his galpal Amelia showed up.

Just look at these cuties! But don't be fooled by their innocent expressions--these two are doubtlessly up to some shenanigans.

This place is a wonderful little gem in the middle of the city--only blocks away from touristy Plaça Catalunya and yet very few tourists will ever find this place. Even Barcelona natives that I invited had never been here. It's a great place to come and indulge your sweet tooth (dessert makes up 90% of their menu) and chill out with your friends. If you're ever in town, I invite you to visit what has become one of my favorite places in the city.

(Photos: top two from Charhadas, third photo from Milanesa)

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