Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six months old

Half a year old! Goodness, how time has flown. I remember when you were a teeny tiny thing that I used to handle like a delicate, porcelain vase so afraid that I would break you. Now you're my big baby boy (22 lbs and 27 inches tall) who I can throw up in the air, tickle upside down and squeeze tightly as you squeal in delight. I feel like by this time, your half birthday, you are less like a baby and more like a little person.You have interests and hobbies, you try to express opinions, you react to humorous situations, you recognize people and in so many other ways you are becoming this little autonomous being, independent from your mami and papi. We're so excited to see you grow!

Here are some more things that we've learned about you in your sixth month of life.

1.You are an adventurous eater. Mostly. At this point you have tried banana, apple, pear, sweet potato and carrot. Oddly, the banana and sweet potato were not big hits. I find that surprising because they're both naturally sweet and starchy vegetables and I love them. But perhaps your taste buds were not thrilled with the texture. Every time your papi and I introduce a new fruit or vegetable to you, there's this moment of excited anticipation as we wait with bated breath for the verdict. Will he make a face? Will he spit it out? Will he go for a second bite? It's like thrilling and suspenseful reality TV for us and you love to keep us guessing.

2.You roll over! You figured out how to flip onto your stomach and now you do it all the time.  Then when you're on your stomach, you raise your head and chest, lock your arms and proceed to push yourself backwards.  This backwards creeping is really funny for us but you get super frustrated because you can't figure out how you're doing it and why you're getting further and further from your desired object instead of closer.

3.You're getting into some shenanigans. Now that you can roll over and creep and grab, you oblige me to keep a close eye on you at all times. Long gone are the days where I could lay you in the center of the bed or the sofa knowing that you couldn't and wouldn't go anywhere. We've had some heart stopping moments where you almost rolled off the sofa (I caught you with my lightning-fast reflexes miraculously born from years of avoiding any physical activity), swung forward and hit your head on a shelf, and grabbed some plastic beads off a fake flower and crammed them into your mouth while we weren't looking and almost choked on them. We appreciate that you're keeping us on our toes.

4. You are interested in texture. For the first time it seems you notice different fabrics and materials and you like to run your hands over every thing to see what it feels like: the couch, the sheets, the bookshelf, our faces, the cat! The latter kindly lets you stroke her.

5. You are resistant to change. Now that you're six months old, we're trying to steer you onto some sort of predictable eating/sleeping schedule. Mostly, I feed you when you seem hungry and you sleep when you seem tired. But now that you're a bit bigger, I'm trying to wean you very, very gradually off breast milk and transition you from our bed to your crib. It's not really going that well. You will eat your fruits and veggies boldly and eagerly and you'll drink formula mixed with cereal as a snack. But you still love breast milk and there's nothing more comforting for you than falling asleep with mami next to you. I worry about your total dependence on me sometimes but truthfully, I still love keeping you close.

That's all for this month. XO

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  1. Look at that face! You're doing great, Kiana. =)