Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One month old


I don't know how we got here so quickly, but our little one is one month old already.  We still can't believe it! On the one hand, I feel like I've just met this little person but on the other hand I feel like he's been in our lives for such a long time.  Roman is changing so much and growing so quickly.  I got a real wake up call when we went to the doctor last week for his 1 month checkup and she told us that Roman had grown around 3 centimeters and weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. (his original birth weight was 7lbs. 3 oz).   Sometimes I watch him when he sleeps and I worry that I'm not soaking in his newbornness enough.  That he'll be a big boy before I know it.  I worry that I haven't savored every second and I worry that with every new change and developmental milestone, I won't remember how his little fingers used to grab my dress and hold on tight or how his foot was once the size of my palm.  So I've decided to keep a little record of his life from month to month so that I will remember and so he and I can read it together when he's older.

To my little one, here are some things we've learned about you/love about you in your first month:

1.  You are an excellent sleeper.  Sometimes you sleep for four or five hour stretches. Once when you slept for five hours straight, I woke you up in a panic to make sure you were still alive and okay. And you sleep so soundly! We can pick you up, move you from your bed to the stroller, take you on the metro or to crowded restaurants, and you won't stir.

2.  Breastmilk is your favorite thing! It is the only thing you will really cry for.  You won't cry if you're woken up or if you have a dirty diaper.  You barely cry in the bathtub anymore and you cry a little bit when you want to be picked up and held. But the only thing that makes you so upset that you get red in the face, your face scrunches up and you wail at the top of your lungs, is hunger.  When you latch onto my breast, at first you get this determined, "I mean business" look as you chomp down and suck vigorously.  Lately, you've begun making these sounds when you eat that I think are yummy noises (they sound like "nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum"). After you've been sucking awhile, your eyes close and you get this peaceful, zen-like look on your face.  Then, when you're done eating (sometimes with breastmilk all over your chin and cheeks), you have this expression of drunken satisfaction on your face.  That look reminds me of the kind of gluttonous contentment people feel after Thanksgiving dinner.

3.  Your favorite sleep position is with your arms and legs splayed out to your sides. We have christened (pun intended) this position the "Jesus Christ Superstar."  We received two swaddle blankets when I was pregnant with you and  we only used them a few times mostly in the early days when we were still in the hospital.  Whenever we tried putting you in a swaddle, not only did you fuss and cry and pout, but you also managed to break free, even from the swaddle we thought was Houdini-proof.  The only bad thing about not swaddling you is that when you're all spread out, you take up a lot of space on our bed where you sleep at night and on the sofa where you nap during the day.

4.  You have no digestive system. You poop almost the second after you eat and sometimes while you're eating.  Diaper duty is your papi's job and he always has a funny and gross story for me ( "Mother f----! He managed to pee on me again! or "His poop shot out like two feet that time!")

5. You smile sometimes for no reason at all and every time you do your papi and I call out to each other, "Come quickly! And bring the camera!" Nothing can make us grin like fools quite like your fleeting, gleeful little smile.

6.  You like to be picked up, rocked, and jiggled around.  Ever since you were born, many people have told us not to pick you up too much or else you'd get used to it (I'm not sure what's wrong with that).  But we've done it anyway and you calm down when you're in our arms or in your abuelita's.  Sometimes we sing to you.  I tend to favor classics like the Beatles, the Mamas and Papas, and Simon and Garfunkel.  But your papi will do random stuff like "Kung Fu Fighting" and "Relax".   You're probably going to have really interesting taste in music when you grow up.

That's all for now.  More updates and revelations coming up soon!



  1. Me encantan los updates de Roman... que cute!!! :) muero por conocerlo! Un beso a los 3!

  2. After the first picture with the monkey suit (and the one with hat), this one is my favorite picture.

  3. TWO FEET POOP SHOOT? Oh my! What a powerful little bum he must have. Have you guys successfully captured a smiling picture yet? If so, I want.

  4. @ mimia Gracias! Tambien quiero que lo conozcas. Cuando te vas para Miami?