Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yet Another Barcelona Blog

It’s amazing how being out of work can make one very unproductive and simultaneously feed what I assume is a dormant case of attention deficit disorder.   Since finding out that in a few short months we will be flying to Barcelona, I’ve become web-obsessed.  It all began very innocuously.  I began checking different web sites to find out more information about shipping our belongings by boat, to checking if someone had created a tip sheet on what to pack for transatlantic moves, to stumbling upon the blogs of a few expats who blog about moving to Barcelona!  (I may add that I read the contents of these blogs in about a day and a half).  Apparently it is not as unusual to blog about moving overseas as I thought. I know, I know. This is 2011---everyone blogs!  But I suppose you have no reason to read a blog about going overseas until you are actually in that position yourself.   Which makes me wonder….why are YOU reading this?  Where are YOU headed?

Anyway, my web obsession (or rather my Barcelona-specific web obsession) has actually been somewhat of a blessing in disguise.   Through the endless hours of peering into other people’s lives, I’ve actually learned quite a bit about where we should begin our apartment search,  which neighborhoods are decent and which are prostitute ridden,  which are good places to go for food and whether or not Barcelona has a GAP (sadly they do not.  Thank Heavens for Zara and H&M though).

If any of you readers (I love how that sounds like there’s more than one person reading this—thanks for the support honey!)  happen to be moving to or even visiting Barcelona, I highly recommend these blogs:


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  1. I love you, Kiana! (I'm not honey, should have known that there was definitely going to read your blog!