Thursday, May 1, 2014

Scenes from our weekend

This past weekend was much like any other: we went to the park, had pancakes on Sunday morning while blasting Blondie, watched a lot of TV (mostly How I Met Your Mother and Curious George) and cleaned the house. Perhaps the highlight of my weekend was that I went shopping on Saturday afternoon (which if you may remember, I seldom do) once I saw that Mango was having a rare 30% off everything in the store sale. I bought a few tops and also this dress which I'm still not sure about. I loved it when I tried it on but the Professor is not a huge fan of the front and I can't decide where I would wear it since the material is a bit thin and delicate. Hmm. Any thoughts?

Here are some scenes from our weekend:

I snapped this shot of the little one as he was playing peekaboo with me in the park. We take Roman to the park every single day and occasionally he'll actually play with the playground equipment. He'll go down the slides, swing on the swings, and sit on a see-saw. But most of the time he likes to invent games like standing in front of the playground gate and allowing and denying the other kids entry like a bouncer in a night club. Other times he'll amble around and point out things to me to show me how much his vocabulary's grown. He can say quite a few words now in English, Spanish and even Catalan but he tends to leave off the last letter so, for example, ball becomes 'ba', car is 'ca', bus is 'buh', etc. 

Somehow or another, we always seem to end up here on the weekends. This charming little place is Fragments Cafe in Plaza de la Concordia in Les Corts. It's less than a ten minute walk from our house and always packed. We like it not only for the good food and ambiance but also because this place has the best carrot cake in all of Barcelona. Now I really shouldn't say that because I actually haven't tried the carrot cake in every single place in this city (only around six or seven places) but I'm fairly confident you would agree if you tried it. 

While we were walking around our neighborhood, we saw that a new ice cream place had opened up without our knowing about it. This is Pou Gelats in Plaza Osca in Sants. I was excited to see that they had a dairy-free chocolate sorbet (I'm lactose intolerant) and it was actually really tasty but just really strong like soft, cold, dark chocolate. But the real reason that I get excited about any ice cream place is actually not for the sorbets or ice cream or slushies. It's for this: 

Horchata (or Orxata in Catalan), my very favorite hot weather drink. I first tried this in Valencia which is where this drink is from. It's made from a plant which is cultivated primarily in Spain called the tiger nut and this is ground with water and sugar to make this sweet milk. It's so refreshing and filling and when the weather warms up, I can't stop myself from buying one every day. Roman is also a big fan but only if there's no chocolate ice cream.

This picture is actually from our vacation in Tarragona last week but I wanted to mention another one of Roman's recent favorite hobbies: pushing his own stroller. He really loves to push anything with wheels including toy bicycles, toy cars, our vacuum cleaner, etc. I think his new obsession with pushing his stroller is because he wants some control over where we go or perhaps he's just imitating us. Roman is really starting to become much more independent and as his parents, it's hard for us to know when to help him with something and when to step back and let him do it for himself. It obviously takes forever to get anywhere if he's guiding the way but I think it's important that he be allowed to exert his autonomy every now and again. 

So that's what we've been up to lately. What about you guys?

P.S. Here's what we did last weekend in case you missed it. 

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  1. I actually really like the dress. I'm laughing to myself because I know exactly why it's not the professors favorite. lol

    Does that playground not have sand?