Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scenes from our weekend

So over the weekend, spring happened. Totally out of the blue. Last week, we were wearing wellies, puffer coats, and grumbling about the cold, wind and rain. Then on Friday, the sun came out and decided to stay awhile-yay! We spent the weekend celebrating a birthday, walking around town, Skyping with family and getting caught up on laundry now that it's dry and sunny enough to hang the clothes outside again. 

Here's some more stuff we did on our weekend:

Isn't that an adorable little one? This young lady turned one year old on Saturday and like most babies her age, didn't really care that much about it. She was more interested in eating a few toys but she did dig into that tiny homemade cake that her mom made her. As she was going to town on her cake, I was remembering how almost a year ago, my own little one had his first birthday (remember this?). The time really does go by so fast. I kinda hate that.  

While we were out walking over the weekend, we passed by this amazing bookstore called Fabre on Rambla Catalunya. I was originally intrigued by this place because of the display in the store window, with tons of toys and some hanging paper eggs for Easter. But it's even more impressive once you go inside. It's kind of a combination book store and toy store but the toys are not of your Toys R Us variety. They tend to be wooden, hand painted, non-battery operated and stacked high on bookshelves that almost reach the ceilings. It was fun to walk around this little place and feel as though you had stepped back in time. 

Another view of the window display at Fabre. I have to say that I love the Spanish word for window display much better than the English one. The Spanish word is ´escaparete´ and at least in my mind it conjures up an image of something that takes you away from your daily life, an escape, which is what a well designed window display should do, am I right? P.S. How cute is that red bike? I know someone who'd love that thing but he's still a bit too little to ride it.

Have you ever held a tasmanian devil in your arms? No? How about a 21 month old who doesn't want to take a picture with you? Same thing. This is me trying to hold a squirmy little boy who would rather run around in circles and have me chase him for a few hours. Sigh. When will we want the same things?

So that's what we've been up to over here. How about you guys? Do anything fun over the weekend?

P.S. Here's what we did last weekend, in case you missed it.