Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scenes from our weekend

This past Saturday was gray and drizzly. We've actually had a lot of rainy weekends so far this January and I think we've all agreed that that's quite enough please! We mostly hung out at home but we did get a chance to have dinner with some friends who are moving away to Madrid (boo) and the Professor got a chance to play basketball with some of his coworkers on Sunday. Even though futbol is still king here in Spain, basketball is really popular too and often the parks are filled with youths (and a few not so youths) shooting some hoops while sporting jerseys of Kobe Bryant or Pau Gasol (viva EspaƱa!).

Here are some more things we did on our weekend:

 I actually snapped this picture a few weeks ago but forgot to share it with you. So often when we're walking along the streets of Barcelona we forget to look up and take in the beautiful architecture and the stained glass windows, and the graceful way the iron lampposts hang over the streets. When you've lived in Europe long enough, you sort of take these things for granted because everywhere you go there's some old building or some beautiful old church or some narrow, cobble stone street. But when I took this picture, my effort was to try to take in my surroundings and appreciate them more. I urge you to do the same! (Unless you live somewhere ugly). 
While we were walking about, we happened upon a small street fair that had a few booths dedicated to old books and I found this treasure. I don't know if I ever mentioned it but I collect Agatha Christie books. Not only because I love to read and reread them (I especially love the Poirot series) but because hers are some of the most widely translated books in the world so if you want to start a book collection, it's a fair bet that any second hand market anywhere in the world will have at least a few Agatha Christies. Happy hunting! 
I snapped this photo of my little chickpea at Habitat. I dragged him and the Professor there on Saturday evening so I could check out the after-Christmas sales (which are still going on, by the way!). I've been looking for some simple and modern picture frames so that I can finally put up some family photos in our apartment (in our whole house, we have only three pictures!). While I was wandering around the store, the Professor and Roman played in the children's area which had this adorable tent and a wooden double-decker bus I almost bought. I can't tell you just how much I appreciate when stores take the time to make shopping a bit easier for parents by providing entertainment and distraction for the little ones. It's a rare child who will sit quietly and still in his stroller while waiting for his mama to make a decision between birch and mahogany finishes. Thanks Habitat!
Finally, while we were at the fruit vendor yesterday, we spotted this weird, spiky broccoli that neither of us had ever seen before. It looks like something that belongs in the ocean, don't you think? We were too intimidated by the sight of it to buy it but the Professor did Google it as soon as we got home. As it says in the picture, it's called Romanesco broccoli and it's native to Italy (although these particular ones are from a region in Catalunya called Tarragona).  We also learned that this is one mathematically superior vegetable. Apparently the shape of the bud is a fractal and the spirals form a Fibonacci number. Do you know what that means? No. Do you care? Only if you're a nerd like the Professor.

So anyway, that's what we've been up to this weekend. What did you guys do?

P.S. Here's what we did last weekend, in case you missed it.

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