Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scenes from Miami

Now that the Professor, the little one and I have returned from vacation and are, for the most part, settled back into our routines in Barcelona, I thought I'd share some pictures of our trip to Miami. The whole time we were there it was insufferably hot and humid as Miami tends to be in the summer and it rained a lot. So we only made it to the beach once (and it rained!) and we went to South Beach once (where it also rained!). But we still found lots of ways to have fun as you´ll see from the photos below.

One of the great things about Miami, actually Florida in general, is that everybody has a pool. In Barcelona, we'd have to go to a gym or a hotel to get some pool time and we don't have a bathtub in our tiny apartment so the little one has nowhere to splash around and explore the water. So while we were in Miami, we visited the pool a few times a week and the little one had a blast. He practiced kicking and paddling and basically tried to imitate me as I swam. But he was also fascinated at the way the water rippled when he touched it and he had great fun 'cleaning' the pool by removing leaves and twigs. 

This photo is from that same day but I couldn't resist showing it. Those swimming trunks he's wearing are so insanely cute that I will be terribly sad when he outgrows them. I don't know why but I find baby swimming clothes as adorable as other people find baby shoes. Also, I remember dreaming of the day when I would take my little boy swimming when he was still in my belly--remember this?

We seldom go to South Beach when we're in Miami since it's normally so crowded, over priced and parking can be a nightmare, but it is a great place to catch up with friends. This is a picture of Lincoln Road on a rainy Sunday morning. We were there for brunch with one of the Professor's friends at Paul CafĂ© and afterwards we strolled around and window shopped. In this picture you can also see an art deco inspired Starbucks. I rarely go to Starbucks when we're in the U.S. (and I never go to Starbucks when we're in Barcelona) but I simply can't resist a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's my kryptonite. 

One thing Miami is great for is Cuban food but you have to know where to get it. The Professor was born and raised in a part of Miami called Little Havana and this is where you'll find the best grub. This picture was taken at the purportedly 'world famous' Versailles Restaurant, but in my honest opinion, the food here is way overrated. You can get better Cuban food at Exquisito restaurant or La Palma on 8th street. 

One day we paid a visit to some old grad school friends of the Professor's who have two adorable little boys, one of whom is only a bit older than Roman. It was so fun seeing how Roman interacted with him since Roman doesn't have many friends his age and he has no cousins or family members his age either. We were happy to see that the two littles enjoyed each other's company immensely and bonded over a shared love of putting plastic toys in their mouths.  

Roman attended his first (but certainly not his last!) college football game while we were in Miami. He loved the loud music, all the clapping, and the enthusiasm of the crowd. It helped that our team won that night. He was a big hit with all the Miami fans and gave big grins and high fives to a bunch of people who were tickled to death to see a baby enjoying himself at his very first game.

The little one also had a lot of fun hanging out with his abuelita (the Professor's mom). He hadn't seen her since he was a few months old (remember this picture?) so he didn't really remember her at first. But after we'd been there a week, he was in her arms constantly and loved to play peek a boo with her.  

He also loved more rough and tumble fun with his baba joon (my father) who loved to throw him up in the air and watch me have a heart attack whenever he did. What is it with boys and their attraction to dangerous stunts? 

The Professor and I hadn't been out for a nice dinner alone since I was pregnant with Roman. So we took advantage of having family around to babysit and headed out for a glorious meal at Brio. This is not exactly fine dining since this place is pretty much a cut above the Macaroni Grill, but the food was good and it was nice getting dressed up and sipping some wine in a candle-lit space. It made me feel like an adult again not just a mom. 

Last but not least, we took lots of naps in our underwear. All of us. In my opinion, there's nothing better on vacation than sleeping in on a weekday and taking unscheduled, unexpected naps on the couch. 

So that's all for our trip. How was your summer? What did you guys do?

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  1. These pictures are wonderful. I'm gonna download them onto my own comp. =) Can't wait until you guys come back. Luckily there's a wedding on the horizon so we can start counting it down. =)

    (Reminds me...I gotta go get that dress....eek!!!)