Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

Since last weekend was such an eventful one, we decided to just hang out and chill this past weekend. On Sunday we spent the entire day at the Mar Bella Beach with some friends. It was a scorching hot day but apparently not hot enough to warm the water which was still pretty chilly despite the fact that we're in mid-July. Being from Miami, the Professor and I are accustomed to bathing in water that is so hot you feel like you're stewing in a pot of soup. But the Mediterranean is clearly a different story. Nevertheless, we bravely (but very slowly!) entered the water and splashed around a bit with the little one who had never been to the beach before. We didn't take our camera or our phones with us to the beach though so we have no pictures of that (meh) but here are some other things we did over the weekend:

On Saturday morning at the park, I was amazed to see this woman riding into the playground on this very cool contraption. It's a bike with a huge, wicker basket attached where you can fit your sleeping baby or a pet or a ton of groceries. I had never seen anything like this so I had to stop her and ask her where she got it from, what it was, and of course, coo over her adorable infant who was cozily napping in the basket. Here's the bike from another angle:

Apparently she makes these bikes and sells them at a store in the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona  called Home on Earth. The bikes are not available in the online store so if you're interested in getting one for yourself (and honestly I'd love to have one of these babies!) you would need to pass by the store or shoot them an email for more information.

I snapped this picture of the little one riding the metro on Saturday afternoon. He's such a pro! He knows to hold on and everything! He also loves riding the metro so that he can grin and wave at perfect strangers. What a ham!

On Saturday evening, we went to the home decor store, Maison du Monde on Avenida Diagonal and we found this adorable, leather armchair for the baby who already has everything. Roman was very comfortable in it but was not satisfied that the chair did not rock or bounce or play any music. His tastes are clearly a little too unsophisticated for this particular chair. 

Anyway, that´s what we've been up to. What did you guys do?

P.S. Here's what we did last weekend in case you missed it. 

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  1. A) Those little sandals kill me.
    B) I want that bike NOW!!!