Monday, June 24, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

This is actually a long weekend in Barcelona because yesterday was the festival of Sant Joan (or Saint John) also known as the celebration of midsummer so people celebrated all day and are either too drunk or too partied out to go to work today. The celebration of Sant Joan normally includes street parties, giant bonfires, live music and fireworks and firecrackers all night long. To be totally honest, I´m not that big a fan of this day. The streets get really crowded, it´s hot out, and everywhere you go kids are recklessly throwing firecrackers every which way so smoke and loud bangs punctuate your every step. So we passed on the firework display last night but we did venture out yesterday during the day and today to see the rest of the celebrating.

Here are some scenes from our weekend:

I may not enjoy the rest of the Sant Joan festivities, but one way to get me excited about a holiday is to tie it to some sort of baked good. The typical Sant Joan food is this sweet, eggy bread called a coque (pronounced coca) which can either be topped with candied fruit or pine nuts as it is here. I´m not sure what real Catalans do with this bread, but we had it for breakfast dunked in our tea and coffee. Very tasty. 

While we were strolling around our neighborhood, we spotted this table with all the fixings for a paella. Mussels? Check! Shrimp? Double check!

Then we hung around and watched as they prepared this wonderful dish. The aroma was AMAZING. I´ve had paella a few times since moving to Barcelona and I honestly think you're better off eating it at a local street fair like this one than at a restaurant. There´s nothing like cooking in public with a bunch of knowledgeable and very vocal old ladies watching your every move to make sure you do your national dish right. 

After the paella was done, these tables were set up along the street so that whole neighborhood could sit down together to enjoy the meal. Can you imagine eating lunch with fifty or so of your closest neighbors? It´s things like this which make me feel like we live in a small little village instead of a major metropolitan city. 

So that´s what we´ve been up to. What did you guys do?

Oh and merry midsummer! Is that a saying? Let´s make it one!

P.S. Here´s what we did last weekend in case you missed it. 

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  1. I looooooooove paella. I've only had it out of the box though. That bread looks crazy delectable.