Thursday, June 13, 2013

A day at the park

A few weeks ago, the Professor and I met up with an amazing sixteen year old who is a high school student by day and amateur photographer/blogger by night. Her name is Giulia Duch of the eponymous blog. I stumbled upon her blog by accident and quickly became addicted. She writes the kind of Barcelona blog that I wish I could write, with beautiful photographs of the city, little anecdotes about her life and interests, and excellent recommendations of trendy restaurants and cafes. I got in touch with her to ask her whether she would be interested in photographing our little family both as a way of documenting our time here in Barcelona and also to get some photos of all three of us together. We don't have a very good camera and we normally end up snapping photos on our phones anyway so they're not very good quality. Also, we normally take pictures of Roman by himself or with one of us. We had shockingly few photos where we were all together.

So a few Sundays ago we met at Parc Joan Miro, hardly the most iconic of Barcelona locations but a place that we frequent very often as a family. Giulia spent a few hours walking around with us and capturing us going about our usual business hanging out at the park with our baby. I'm so very grateful to her for these beautiful pictures. I honestly believe that one of the best presents you can get new parents is a few decent photos of them with their little one(s). The time with them goes by so quickly and it's so important to capture these fleeting periods of their lives.

If you'd like to hire her or just ogle her wonderful photographs, check out her blog:

Thanks again Giulia! Un beso!

(Photos: Giulia Duch)


  1. that was so sweet! thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet your adorable family!

  2. The pleasure was ours. Un abrazote!

  3. These must be the professional pictures you spoke of! They're gorgeous! I love them. One isn't enough!! Can you send me the originals por favor?