Monday, May 27, 2013

Ten months old

I'm not going to lie to you guys, the ten month mark was a difficult one. One of the things no one ever tells you before you have a baby is to work out. Seriously. Get in shape. Because if you're not, lifting a 23 pound baby every day and lugging him around is going to do a real number on your back. And sometimes on your neck, shoulders and arms. Sometime before the little one (who is not so little anymore clearly!) turned ten months old, I began having really bad pains in my lower back. Now, you should know that I usually have some back pain but it's normally nothing a hot shower or a quick back rub can't fix. But this pain was different. It was sharper and it wouldn't go away. After a couple of weeks of just living with it and hoping it would get better, I saw our doctor who sent me to a physical therapist who I had to go see every day for two weeks. It was a huge inconvenience going every day and I had to reschedule lots of things so that I could make it but I did it and I´m feeling much better. Apart from the scheduling issues, this period wasn´t easy because while my back was hurting I had to avoid picking Roman up or carrying him around and that was a huge adjustment for the both of us. Fortunately, this period coincided with Roman´s surging independence. He can now get around by himself, he can play by himself, and with his newfound crawling abilities, he can follow me from room to room so I don´t have to pick him up as much. Here are some more things we learned about him in his tenth month.

To my little one,

You are a crawling machine! In last month´s post, I commented that even though you were crawling, you didn´t appear to be very into it since you only crawled short distances and only sporadically. Now your chubby little knees can cover a lot of ground and really quickly. Sometimes I´ll have my back to you while I wash the dishes or prepare lunch while you play just behind me and the next minute I´ll turn around and you´re gone! I´ll find you in one of the bedrooms just hanging out on the floor. You definitely love crawling to the point that your walking has suffered a bit. You used to enthusiastically walk whenever one of us would hold your hands. But now when we try walking with you, you just plop your butt down on the floor and crawl away from us. Stubborn baby.

You can be entertained for hours by your FC Barcelona soccer ball. You received this as a gift from your baba joon a month ago and it instantly became your favorite toy in the whole world. You bat that thing all over the house and then crawl after it. Sometimes your ball rolls underneath the sofa or the armchair where you can´t reach it. So you lie down in front of the couch with your cheek resting on the floor and you reach your tiny little arms out as far as you can to try to retrieve it. One time you even managed to slide your whole body underneath the couch in pursuit of this ball and you got stuck under there. I had to lift the couch up to get the two of you out.

You´ve begun doing this weird arm flapping thing lately that leaves us uncertain as to whether you are trying to clap, wave, or dance. It´s definitely one of those three things.You normally do it when you´re happy about something like when we toss you your ball and you manage to catch it. But sometimes you do it when you´re sitting in your highchair. You like to take these scheduled breaks from eating to wave your arms around excitedly or else you lean way over to your left side and then grin at us. We´re not sure if this is your way to engage us in play or what but it is insanely cute.

You have weird fascinations.You love the intro to Game of Thrones. Whenever the song comes on, you stop whatever you´re doing and stare transfixed and unblinkingly at the television screen. Sometimes we play the intro for you if you´re being fussy and we need a minute of quiet. At first we thought that you just like any music and images together because you also like the intro to Friends. But that theory unraveled when you didn´t seem interested in the intro for Mad Men. Or maybe you´re just as unimpressed with season six as we are. But of all your weird fascinations, perhaps the weirdest one is your total love of the song Hi Lili, Hi Lo. This is a really old song from the Leslie Caron movie, Lili. I saw it as a child and didn´t like it very much. But I started singing the song to you once when you were crying and you instantly stopped and began laughing. So EVERY single time you start crying, your papa and I sing that song and you always get a huge kick out of it. I have absolutely no explanation for this. Not a one.

Finally, you are such a happy baby. This is not my own observation since, obviously, I´m biased. I´m making this statement based on the comments of every person you´ve met. Whenever you see someone, you grin from ear to ear and reach out to grab their noses, their glasses, their hair or whatever part of them you can  reach. You love to gurgle and coo at our neighbors, our butcher, the fruit vendors, and just about anybody else. We love that you´re such a sociable, extroverted little one. Your smile and laughter brings so much joy to so many people.

That´s all for this month my little darling.


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  1. He is such a happy baby! We are all lucky to have this bundle of joy be a part of our lives.