Monday, May 20, 2013

Scenes from our weekend

This weekend was rainy and gray and we did a lot of aimless walking around and eating random things. On the bright side, we got to meet a friend's newborn baby girl. It was weird seeing such a tiny, fragile, defenseless thing next to our chubby ten month old and remember that he was once that small. Here's some other things we did on our weekend:

Getting some samosas and homemade baklava from a place in the Raval neighborhood, an area where a majority of the inhabitants are foreign born. Want to catch a game of street cricket or buy halal meat? This is the place to go. 

Watching kids run around and play soccer in this plaza in Les Corts. The Professor enviously watches other people playing soccer with their kids and dreams about the day when Roman will kick a ball to him instead of try to eat it. 

Appreciating a walk where we did not get rained on. Beautiful trees along Avenida Diagonal. 

Other than that, we stayed at home and ate broccoli/cauliflower soup and got caught up on Mad Men. Where is this season going? Does anyone else feel meh about it?

P.S. Here´s what we did last weekend in case you missed it

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