Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eight months

I'm now seeing the problem with procrastinating writing these monthly updates. If I don't do them immediately when the little one has a birthday, I totally forget which skills and abilities he's just developed and which ones he's had for some time. Like standing up for instance. The first time he did it, it totally floored me. But now he's been doing it for a full two weeks so it feels a bit old hat. Isn't it crazy how quickly time passes when you have a baby? One week it seems so inconceivable that they'll be crawling and the next week, they crawl every chance they get. I feel like someone should coin the term, "baby years" (or maybe I just did!).

Anyway, on to the eight month update!

To my little one,

1.  You sit all by yourself! A week before you turned eight months old (as a matter of fact it was while we were in Vienna), you learned how to pull yourself into a sitting position. One minute you were hanging out on your tummy like usual and the next you had raised your butt in the air, put your feet underneath you and sat up. The face you made when you did this was priceless. It's the same face that Olympic gymnasts make when they land a perfect dismount.

2.  From sitting it was just a matter of time before you were using the bars of your crib to pull yourself to a standing position. Now you will grab just about anything to help you pull yourself to your feet: the bookshelf, the arm of the couch, our faces.

3. You have weird fears including the Happy Birthday song, lift the flap books, and clapping. The fear of clapping is probably the worst one though since it's so instinctive for us to clap when you stand up, crawl, smile, laugh or do anything else worthy of praise. The Professor and I are quickly learning to show our approval with other gestures since the first sign of clapping will cause you to wail at the top of your lungs. But along with weird fears you also find endless entertainment in the oddest things including: the word "ow", ripping off our glasses, and your favorite game of dropping things and making us pick them up only for you to drop them again and for us to pick them up again. Apparently, this game never gets old (for you anyway).

4. You have a mean case of separation anxiety and according to experts, you'll probably have it for oh another year or so. Whenever your papa or I leave the room, you start to fuss and whimper. If we don't reappear within 30 seconds, your whimper turns to panicked screams. As you might imagine, this can create quite a few difficulties whenever one of us is home alone with you. We've devised some clever solutions to cope including putting you in the Ergo while we're cleaning up the house or strapping you in your high chair and bringing you to the bathroom so you can watch us while we shower.

5. You've tried a whole bunch of new foods including fish, scrambled eggs (yolks only), Greek yogurt, cheese and sour plums. You like most things but you still prefer the savory over the sweet which sometimes makes me wonder if you're my son after all. We're now trying to make your eating habits just like ours. Meaning that you eat three times a day now (sometimes with a small snack between lunch and dinner) and also the same kinds of things that we eat. So you might have oatmeal with apple for breakfast and then rosemary turkey with peppers for lunch and dinner if that's what we're having. The funny thing is that you behave super well whenever your papa and I are eating. You sit quietly in your high chair and stare at us as we continue bringing our forks to our mouths. It's as though you're saying, "Yum. That looks pretty good. And look at the way they keep putting that shiny, pointy thing in their mouths. Fascinating."

That's all for this month my little treasure.


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  1. Very cute! Makes you wish you had a camera on at all times, huh?