Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seven months

Ah, the seventh month. I will think back on it as the month of growing pains. I'm still not sure if it was the teething, the introduction of new foods, or the acquisition of new motor skills, or maybe it was a combination of all these things. Whatever it was, it made for a fussy, squirming, clingy month-long adventure for the Professor and I. Fortunately, the little one's rather exasperating month was also full of good things--sudden eruptions of hysterical laughter, toothy grins, and slobbery kisses.

Here's some things that we've learned about him in his seventh month.

To my little one,

  • You have teeth! And you bite! Hard! (Yes, all of those statements do require exclamation points). Your first two teeth sprung up quite suddenly after your seven month birthday and my, how you've learned to use them. You bite Sophie the Giraffe mercilessly, you will chew on your papi's finger and on anything you can get in your mouth basically, and you've bitten me a few times while nursing. OUCH. Following the advice from people in online forums, every time you bit me, I sternly said "NO!" and pulled my breast away from you. And every time, your eyes would widen in shock, your chin would quiver, your mouth would form the most exaggerated pout, and suddenly, "WAAAAAAAAA!" Yep, your confused, startled, hungry, little baby brain could not understand what you'd done wrong. It broke my heart to be the cause of your tears. But I stuck with it and after a week or so, you were done biting me. 
  • You're mobile. Starting at six months you began creeping (mostly backwards) but in your seventh month you've begun spinning yourself around on your tummy and thrusting yourself forward giving yourself a more expansive radius than you had before. You've also begun getting on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth while shrieking in frustration. It's clear that you will be crawling any day now and the fact that you can't do it yet is apparently agonizing for you. Your other motor skills are coming along too: you throw, you grab, you pass things from hand to hand, and you hit. I'm not so fond of this last skill but I'm hoping it'll pass once you figure out how to control your hands better. 
  • You eat anything and everything. In your seventh month, you've eaten so many foods that grown adults won't eat: cauliflower, zucchini, butternut squash, celery, avocado. We also transitioned from giving you one ingredient meals to more complex ones that mimic things that we eat. You've had lentils and rice, beef and potato soup, chicken with tomato and spinach, and turkey with broccoli. You haven't turned down a single thing and gobble up each spoon full with immense enjoyment. We're so proud of you!
  • You love to show us how much you love us. When the Professor comes home from work or when I get home from teaching a class, your eyes light up with excitement at the sight of us and you wiggle your arms up and down for us to pick you up as you smile from ear to ear. You sometimes break into hysterical laughter at mundane things like me brushing my teeth or towel-drying my hair. And you love to french kiss your papa. When he puts you on his chest, you raise your head to his and plant a big, slobbery, open mouthed smacker on him. Your papi always jokes that your future girlfriend is a lucky lady.
  • You try to eat the cat. In the first three or four months of your life, your relationship with Gadget was one of mutual indifference. I don't think you even noticed she was around and she tended to avoid you (don't take this personally--it was just that you screamed and cried a lot). Now, whenever you see Gadget, you lunge at her with your mouth wide open. We try to explain to you that we don't eat Gadget. We've shown you how to pet her but you still haven't mastered the stroke. You persist in hitting her or grabbing her ears and tail. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to mind. 
That's all for this month my little prince. XO

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  1. ahem...go gators! I admire the no breast biting perseverance. I'm sure that wasn't easy. Tell Gadget, this is Karma for all the harassing she did to me. lol