Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Four Months Old

Two weeks ago, the little one turned four months old! It was election day in the U.S. as a matter of fact so you can say that two great things happened on that day. We also went to the doctor for his four month vaccines on that day and it was nothing short of tragic. The little wept at the top of his lungs and could not be consoled for an entire hour. I wasn't in such great shape either to be perfectly honest. Ever since he was born, the sound of his cry and the look of utmost despair on his face (which he's SO good at) is enough to make me bawl.  I'm not generally a weeper so this development is new and also a bit embarrassing---I think our pediatrician thinks I'm a total marshmallow. Anyway, onto some cheerful and fun/funny things that happened this past month.

To my little one,

1. The rate of your growth has plateaued a bit. I think that between your birth and three months old, the rate of your height and weight gain was a bit alarming. It seemed you were moving up a size in diapers and clothes every few weeks. But now, while you're still growing at a steady rate, it's not in such astronomical bounds which our arms and backs are grateful for.  You currently measure 64.5 cm and weigh 7.6 kilos (almost 17 lbs).

2. You love to stand. When we put you on our laps facing us, you love to show off your newfound standing abilities. Of course, you can only stand for a few seconds and only while you're gripping our hands tightly. But every time you manage, you grin from ear to ear while staring at us with wide, astonished eyes. It's a bit weird to see you stand when you haven't managed to sit unassisted yet. You can only sit if you're supported on all sides or else you topple over.  

3. You love to be naked. Recently, it's become a real challenge to dress you without you fighting us tooth and nail while crying and making your angry baby face. It would have been more convenient if you had developed this hatred of clothes in the summer when you were born and it was okay to let you stay in just your diaper. But now that it's winter, I have to put clothes on you so you don't freeze your little bum off.  Trust me, if the weather was nicer and it was socially acceptable, we'd all be naked.

4. You're beginning to like your toys.  When you were three months old, we bought you a jumperoo that every other baby in the universe loves except you. In the first few weeks after we bought it, every time we put you in it you would shriek and cry out of frustration we think because you couldn't grab the little toys and put them in your mouth. After a few minutes, those shrieks would turn into outright sobbing. We were totally not prepared for that reaction since we did some pretty thorough research on the product before we bought it and according to Amazon, the toy was a big hit. Many people advised us to wait a few weeks and try putting you in it again and it worked! Now you happily sit, bounce, grab, and squeal in your jumperoo for at least 20 minutes before you get frustrated which gives me just enough time to shower or vacuum the house.

5.  Your laugh is the best sound in the world. You giggle all the time and it melts our hearts.

That's all for this month. XO

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  1. I wonder if you knew then that his favorite toys a year or so later would include empty milk