Monday, October 22, 2012

Three months

I'm around two weeks late with this post but that's an occupational hazard of being a mom to a three month old. I feel like I'm using that excuse for everything these days and I'm wondering how long I can get away with it.  Anyway, on to our three month update!

To my little one, here are a few things we've learned about you in your third month of life:

1.  You're HUGE.  Every time we tell people on the street how old you are, their eyes always widen in shock and they exclaim, "Pero esta enorme!" (But he's enormous!). You're 65 centimeters tall and a little over 15 pounds, which is taller and heavier than most babies are at your age. Most people predict that you're going to be tall when you grow up which would shock the heck out of me since both your papi and I are on the petite side.

2.  Everything must be put in the mouth. Any time we introduce you to a new toy or stuffed animal, you try to put it in your mouth and sometimes when I'm pouring water over your head during bath time, you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue, trying to get a few sips of soapy water. Something that's new this month is that you like to stick both your hands in your mouth at the same time and we hear you sucking and smacking on them with great gusto. I had no idea that baby fingers were so tasty!

3.  You're mesmerized by your toes.  Sometimes I put you in a sitting position on the sofa and you stare with wide, transfixed eyes at your feet. You try grabbing at them but your eye-hand coordination is not what it needs to be for you to do that successfully. When you're sitting like that, you start gradually and slowly bending forward and then, like Narcissus captivated by his own reflection, you tip forward and fall head first into your feet.

4.  You're a grabby little one.  When you're nursing, you like to grab on to my shirt, my hair, or my glasses.  Sometimes when I'm looking at you and talking to you, you try to grab my mouth as though you wanted to capture my words.  You seem to be more interested in human faces than in your toys though.  When we put you in your activity gym or jumperoo, you'll stare fixedly at a particular object (especially if it makes noises or emits a sound) but you'll only half-heartedly bat at it or grab it.  We feel like you're doing this more for our benefit than because you actually enjoy it. I do appreciate that you're humoring us.

5.  Your neck is so much stronger--it seems it can finally support the weight of your head.  Every day you get better and better at raising your head up and keeping it steady. Soon I won't be able to call you my little bobblehead anymore! When I put you in the baby carrier and we go for our daily walk, you like to tilt your head back and contemplate the leaves on the trees and the skies.  Your neck control is not perfect yet though because sometimes you throw your head towards us and headbutt us when we're holding you which makes you cry and us wince.

6.  You're drooling a lot. This is supposed to be a sign that teething is not far behind.  I'm really not looking forward to you teething and my breasts aren't either.

That's all for this month! XO

P.S. For last month's letter, click here.

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  1. I'm nine months behind, but I'm in a catching up sort of mood. =)

    I don't blame him for being transfixed by his little toes. I happen to be fond of them as well!!