Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Months Old

Last Thursday Roman turned two months old!  On his birthday, he had his two month checkup at the doctor's office where he had his first vaccines.  I don't know if that experience was more painful for him or for me! Let's just say there were two people crying on the way home.  We also learned from the doctor that Roman is now 60 centimeters tall (10 centimeters taller than when he was born) and a whopping 13 pounds (which prompted the Professor to ask once again, "What is IN that breast milk?!")

Along with Roman's growth, there have been a few other notable developments in his second month of life.  In continuation to last month's post, here is a list of some new things we've learned about him.

To my little one,

1.  Now that we've gotten to know each other a little better, you're starting to feel more comfortable showing us your goofy side. Where last month you rewarded us with silly little smiles for no apparent reason, this month you're grinning, chuckling, and actively trying to engage us in play. The morning time, especially before your first feeding of the day, is the time where you like to stare up at us with your wide brown eyes, grin, coo, and gurgle all the while thrashing your chubby arms and legs up and down and from side to side as though you're trying to stay afloat in a pool. You also like to play with me when I'm nursing you. You stare up at me bashfully through your eyelashes and bat them at me a little. Then you grin and bury your face into my breast and then pop back out again with another little grin.

2.  You're awake for longer periods of time during the day and you notice everything. We've busted out a few of your toys that you didn't even notice a few weeks ago to show you different colors, shapes and textures. You're also attracted to the computer screen (and you sometimes grab at it and close tabs that I had open) and the television.  Sometimes it actually looks like you're watching TV and that you actually understand what's going on.  Furthermore, when your papi and I talk to you or sing to you, you stare transfixed at our mouths and....

3.  Sometimes you talk back to us! We tell you, "Roman, say 'ow'!" and you respond with a few gurgles and then a very soft, "oh."  It cracks us up.  Other times, you make a bunch of gurgles, squawks and squeals while staring intently at us as though hoping we understand you.  I'm not sure what you're trying to say but if I had to guess what you're saying it'd be, "Papi, I'm sorry for spitting up on your shirt again" or "Mami, you look positively ravishing in that outfit."

4.  You have bad dreams sometimes.  Ever since you were born, you've had the dream where you're falling off a cliff and your arms and legs jerk out suddenly to catch yourself.  But now your dreams seem to be much scarier and you wake up screaming and crying like someone's trying to murder you.  It scares the heck out of us. I have no idea what could be so frightening for a baby who is just developing a subconscious.

5.  You can hold your head up for longer periods of time.  We put you on your tummy in the mornings and you kick and squirm and give frustrated cries as you try to raise your head.  Then when you manage to do it, you stare confusedly at us as we cheer, clap and take pictures for your abuelitos and your baba joon.

That's all for this month!


P.S. Here's last month's letter in case you missed it.

(Photo: Roman at his first picnic in Parque Industrial) 


  1. oh my god, i LOVE these monthly updates, and Roman is the most adorable thing EVER, and also, you and Kristian are amazing people and even more amazing parents. I love and miss you guys SO MUCH!!

  2. Happy 2 months Roman! Isn't it amazing how time flies. I'm enjoying reading your experiences of motherhood. The second time around it's a bit less eventful so it's nice to see it through fresh eyes again. Reminds me to slow down a bit.

  3. Aw the nightmare thing positively breaks my heart. =(