Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Special Delivery!

Hello all! As many of you already know and others may have guessed by my lack of recent posts, our baby boy has arrived!  In fact, he arrived two weeks ahead of his due date on the night of July 6th.  I guess he was     as anxious to meet us as we were to meet him!  He weighed 7.3 pounds and measures 19.5 inches long.  He is a healthy and, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful baby and the Professor and I are so in love with him.  Even though he's now more than a week old (where has the time gone?!), we still look at him several times a day and marvel at the fact that we created this tiny little person who melts our hearts.  

We named our little love Roman Armin.  We stumbled upon the name Roman by accident on a baby name website and somehow it stuck with both of us.  We liked that it was easy to pronounce, only five letters, and that it seemed to be a name used in so many places throughout the world from Argentina to Germany to Russia to Armenia.  We also thought it was fitting that the name is Italian in origin (from the original name Romano meaning citizen of Rome), because the Professor's mother's father and my mother's father are both Italian.  But we left the Spanish pronunciation as a tribute to where we live currently.  His middle name, Armin (pronounced ar-meen), is a tribute to the baby's Persian heritage (from my father's side).

I'll try to pop in again this week to post our birth story and some updates on motherhood.  See you soon!!!


  1. Wow, congrats, how exciting! He's so cute and love that name! Hope your adjustment to motherhood is going great and you're getting enough sleep :)

  2. Felicidades, hermosa. Que obsequio mas precioso! Gracias por mantenernos al tanto <3

  3. What cute little cheeks! Congrats!!

  4. Thanks everyone! We're so thrilled about our little one!