Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brunch & Cake


Normally, I'm the worst person to ask for a restaurant recommendation.  That's because I rarely eat out and when I do, I tend to frequent the same places over and over again instead of exploring somewhere new.  (I also tend to order the same dishes over and over again instead of trying other things on the menu! What can I say? I'm a creature of habit).  But on Sunday, in honor of Father's Day, I decided to take the Professor to a place I'd read about in this awesome guide to Barcelona blog

If you ever find yourself in Barcelona and feeling the need to indulge, I strongly recommend you visit Brunch & Cake, an adorable little place in l'Antiga Esquerra de Eixample that not only serves breakfast all day (french toast, pancakes, omelettes), but also salads, soups and sandwiches.  To top it all off, Brunch & Cake serves a variety of delectable desserts provided by their parent restaurant down the street, Cup & Cake.

The Professor and I were absolutely thrilled to discover this place.  If you can believe it,  neither of us have had pancakes since moving to Barcelona and we've never seen either pancakes or french toast on a menu here.  That's because the typical breakfast in Spain is rather small and light and simple--a cafe con leche with a croissant or a cafe con leche and a ham and cheese sandwich.  Nothing fancy and certainly nothing that is savored over for a few hours on a lazy weekend morning.  So this weekend, the Professor and I took a few hours to sit outside on the terrace and savor our yummy and indulgent breakfast.  I even convinced the Professor that we should sample the cupcakes for dessert--all in the name of research for my blog!  I tried the carrot cake cupcake (excellent!) and the Professor had the mojito cupcake (non-alcoholic, minty, lime-flavored deliciousness).  I could go on but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, shall I?