Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Viva El Puente!

For those of you who don't know, "el puente" means "the bridge" in Spanish and apart from referring to an actual engineered structure, it can also refer to the way Spaniards decide how many days of vacation they get in a given week.  Tomorrow, May 1st, is a holiday celebrated around the world--known either as May Day or International Worker's Day.  Because this holiday falls on a Tuesday, the Spanish don't go to work on Tuesday and they also don't go to work on Monday.  Monday is therefore the "bridge" connecting the weekend and the holiday, creating a four day weekend. Furthermore, if a holiday should happen to fall on a Wednesday, then generally people will take off work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Pretty sweet, huh?  This means that the Professor and I, having just returned from a three day weekend getaway in Valencia, have another long weekend together!  We won't be going anywhere this time, but it's so nice to have the time to stay home, sleep in a little, watch tv, and generally just loaf around together.  I could seriously get used to this. :)

(Photo: Bac de Roca Bridge, Barcelona courtesy of Miso Soup Design Blog)

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