Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Babymoon in Valencia

Hello all! Sorry for the huge gap between posts--things have been busy over here!  Last week, in celebration of the fact that I have officially begun my third trimester (hallelujah!), the Professor and I decided to take a quick trip out of town  for a few days to relax and enjoy ourselves a bit before the baby gets here.  We're calling the trip our babymoon. :)  It was soooo wonderful to get out of the daily grind and see somewhere new.  We decided to visit Valencia, Spain's third largest city, because it's only a few hours from Barcelona by bus and since it's further south, it was also around ten degrees warmer which means that I wore a bathing suit and sleeveless shirts for the first time since arriving in Spain!  We spent a whole day at the beach roasting ourselves  in the hot Mediterranean sun although neither of us were brave enough to actually go in the water. Another day, we visited the City of Arts and Sciences, a series of uber modern buildings that contain a cultural center, a science museum, an IMAX theater and an enormous aquarium where we saw everything from sharks, to penguins, to beluga whales.  The last day we were there, we strolled around the Jardin del Turia, which is a park that runs throughout the entire city and we also visited downtown Valencia which in addition to having some amazing architecture also has excellent shopping and a huge array of little cafes and bars in adorable little streets.

Apart from all of these touristy things, what the Professor and I enjoyed most about Valencia was how much the city reminded us of home (home meaning Miami not Barcelona which I don't think we think of as "home" just yet).  Valencia, like Miami, is a big, metropolitan city yet it still has a laid-back, small town feel to it which is how much of Miami feels. Also, because the climate is so agreeable year round, Valencia attracts a huge amount of tourists and snow birds, just like Miami.  While we were there, we felt like we met more tourists than we did natives!  Furthermore, everywhere you go in Valencia you see trees bursting with oranges, which again reminded us strongly of home.

We left rather reluctantly and are determined to go back again soon.  Hopefully, we'll have a chance to do that once this little baby joins us.  I'm already picking out his swimming trunks :)


  1. I know this isn't the point, but baby swim trunks are the cutest things ever. I'm so glad you guys got to get out and do this together before baby boy Kiana et Professor comes to meet us. What's the first picture about? Is it a statue meant to look like a sand castle?

    PS - In the middle of my comment, you should know I took a full 4 minutes detour to google baby swim trunks.

  2. I've wanted to go to Valencia for years now and still haven't made it . . . your pictures have now sent it to the top of my travel list. It looks like you had a wonderful babymoon! And I agree with No Other Way - baby swim trunks are ridiculously cute.

  3. Please explain the alcoholic candy? ....